Merits of a partial harvest

Wonder what everyone’s thoughts on partial harvests are?

I took the tops on my last grow at 8 weeks and left the bottoms to fatten up. Seemed to help eliminate the larfy buds.

Do any of you do this consistently? I’m running into the same issue on my current run, a lot of larffy looking buds under my canopy. Should have likely trimmed them off early, but got busy with work and life.

Look forward to your thoughts and any insights on nutrient regiments/adjustments after a partial harvest.



I just try to not let that stuff grow inside… some strains like being trained and really need to be “lollipopped” to get them to produce a solid nugget. But you can definitely stager you harvest if you want the lower parts to mature more. I don’t like growing large plants inside. Inside the goal is buds not plants so I run clones and veg them out for about a month then flower them out. Once you get your jars full you can play with different training methods. I don’t let small flower grow. If it isn’t going to make a nice nugget, bye bye bye. :sweat_smile:


I’m definitely gonna do a better job lollipopping next go round. It’s my first indoor in years, so I’ll go easy on myself. Grow and learn.


Thanks for the replies.

I tried to lollipop this round. Timmed off everything under my screen. Flipped them too late, first time running the strain stretched too much on me. Have 3ft above the screen. The buds growing along the screen are larffy.

Wondering when you do a partial harvest do I switch back to a heavy feed regiment? Or is it too late and it’s just a matter of adding time and light nutes ? I’m in dwc.

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Oh forsure brother! When I started growing I would only cut off a flowing site if I was trying to clone. I wanted ever single nugget and I wanted them to be big. Then I learned that is a pain in the ass doing all that work and finding rot or mold in your big buds! So I shoot for medium sized nuggets of supreme quality, while trying to keep my environment as optimal as possible.


I say chop and start next run , time better spent in the long run : )


Maybe hit them with a pk boost? They might just fill in cuz they are getting more light and they get all the food now! If you think you are gunna give them another week. Yeah probably feed em. I like my bud be harvested late, not to late but super amber. So maybe you shouldn’t listen to me. Jk. I think they will fill in for you, think about a pk boost.

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That thought has crossed my mind as well, I think there is merit there but I haven’t tested it myself. There is usually some “I have to clear the room for what’s next” happening but I should properly evaluate, I’m glad you are doing it! :+1:



You also need to differentiate between indoor and outdoor. Gramps could still be harvesting off his summer trees. Different ballgames depending on part of the country.

Thats actually a very common thing with high % sativas especially the asian strains from what i hear they will harvest the top and let the bottom half go for another month… Dwc though i would say chop :rofl:

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