Music For Plants

I thought that I would start a thread featuring music which may benefit
our plants.

Inspiration derived from this thread

Well I am going to start off with some Bach.
I hope my plants enjoy this as much as I do


Read a book in High School called the Secret Life Of Plants. Author pretty much PROVES it makes a difference, much more so than you might think . The Beatles play non stop in my flower room…The White Album over n over, lol .


Bach is pretty awesome, try the Cello suites too, they like that.

Tell me he’s not stoned… :wink:


So is classical the go to? Anyone ever just tried nature sounds; crickets, running stream, maybe a thunder shower during watering?


Well, I have yet to dig deeply into this topic, so from what I have read in recent articles, plants
seem to prefer classical music, and may not respond well to rock etc.
I haven’t a clue. because I never previously considered that there may be something to this notion.

This may also be a convenient pretext for me posting boatloads of long classical pieces.


Some plants got to want to head bang and create a little green leafy mosh pit. Have to be a few Naughty by Nature fans amongst the sea of green as well. Mustve been testing it on some hoighty toighty plants. I’m only joking as I like a bit of classical myself but I think it’s best in the right sized doses.

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