Need help Thc capsules

Hi everybody I’m trying to figure out how to make capsules using honey oil I have 5g or 5 ml syringe of honey oil I would like to Make capsules with I know from what I’ve seen is soy lecithin and coconut oil but what would each capsules mg b using 00 size capsules


What mg do you want the capsules to be?


Its a long read - but it has a TON of useful info and will answer all your questions about honey oil, capsules, and lots more - including a bunch you haven’t thought of yet :slight_smile:


And what %THC is the honey oil?


Its 80%thc and looking to make 50 and 75 mg capsules @ReikoX

The 00 capsules hold 700-800mg from my experience.

Short math says 5g of 80% oil to 2oz. Of coconut oil. That should get you down to 75-85mg a cap.


Dave beat me to it, that will work.


Thanks guys would it be be possible to take 2.5g of honey oil to make 50 mg capsules and another 2.5g of honey oil to make 75mg capsules

Let me try and work this out… if you have 80% oil, that’s 2000mg in 2.5 grams.

If we want there to be 50 mg in each capsule you could get 40 capsules. 40 size 00 capsules will take 32 ml of coconut oil. So 2.5 grams in two tablespoons coconut oil (30ml).

If we want 75 mg in each capsule you could get 27 capsules. 27 size capsules would take 22 ml. So 2.5 grams in one tablespoon and one teaspoon (20ml).

Dont forget to decarb!


@ReikoX I have to decsrb my honey oil before I make capsules ?

Yes, unless it is distillate, which may already be decarbed.

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All I know is its honey oil dont know if it was decarbed or not

Most likely not, BHO (Butane Honey Oil) is not usually decarbed.