New Moderators and Leaders on board!

Traffic is getting bigger here and new member joining every day. While I really enjoy it, it is time to move to the next level and thank many others that came to help and participate on new Overgrow.

I’d like to welcome new moderators on the board!


Thanks guys that you accepted the responsibility :smiley:

And there are also new members that have been granted status of Leader


Congratulations and thank you for your effort here! It is great to see that you really care about OG!

What Leader can do is listed here. I woud now like to summarize what Moderators can and can’t do so you know where are their limits. Besides following list they also have same powers as Leaders.

Moderators can do

  • Rename users, topics
  • Move topics between categories
  • Resolve flagged posts and topics

Moderators can’t do

  • see user e-mails
  • see IP addresses
  • access other’s private messages

On the serious note:

MODs don’t have access to private info about members nor private messages. In addition to that we are also not logging IP addresses and removing metadata from your photos automatically.

That is guaranteed.

But there is still one person that has access to whole database - that is admin (me). So I would like to urge members not to keep any sensitive data in their PMs. While I’m doing my best to secure the site and protect your privacy, it is not a vault. Please delete any personal info from your PMs after use and don’t store it there for longer time than needed.

Also all moderator’s actions are logged for security purposes (in case any of their user account is hacked).

I’m saying that just because I’d like to be as transparent and open as possible and so to warn you all of possible risks. We are still public website, not dark net operated site.

End of serious announcement :smiley: Thank you all for your support and concern! I really appreciate it and your endeavour is binding for me to develop the site even more and create new features to make Overgrow even better again!


Sounds great…Welcome guys!


Thanks Joe, it feels good to be on the team!

I’m amazed at the growth already shown with this community and can’t wait to see how big this thing can get. Overgrow the world!



WOW. thank you so much joe. it means a lot to me to have this badge. I will work to make this site just as good as the first OG site!! im so happy this place is back. it feels amaziing to be a part of history!!!

Much love


I hope the site does well.


Im just glad to be here… Just being honest here, the title leader means little to me… I’m just here to participate… I’m honored you think I should be one tho.


Thnxxx a lot guys, really appreciate that !!! I will do my best!!! :eyeglasses:


Hi guys and thank you Joe. I appreciate it a lot! Will try to do my best - let have a fun!


Oh yes and if someone of you need just anything with what I am capable to help you as a MOD - just let me know via PM :wink:


I’d like to welcome new moderator to OG Team: @GrowerGoneWild!


I’d like to present most recent help in our staff team and very helpful a knowledgeable member - @Dumme. Thanks Dumme for accepting moderator position.

I wish all of us best luck with preventing spammers and trolls :slight_smile:


Thank you @LemonadeJoe, for this opportunity. I’m very pleased to be here, and would love to help anyone in need :slight_smile:



I enjoy the content you bring to the board… Glad you’re a mod!


I’ve implemented new user group function and created staff group called “TeamOG”. This has some interesting features:

:warning: Any user can call attention of Moderators to their post by mentioning @TeamOG

This will alert whole Team Overgrow, so use carefully… (so I’m sorry for false alert guys, this is just for demonstration purposes)


If you guys ever need some help and need mods, I have quite some free time atm.
Having been Admin / mod on medium/big sites a few years (also as job), I still remember how to do, even after 10 years of a completely different life… :wink:


I can help too if you need
I used to be moderator on old overgrow website
And welcome to our new moderators
Don t forget to overgrow the world :laughing:


Hi Everybody!

I’d like to introduce new reinforcements to Team Overgrow. Quaternion of long-time members and frequent posters that devoted a lot of their time to contribute to Overgrow 2.0.


are promoted to Community Leaders with ability to moderate discussions.

Thank you guys, without you this wouldn’t be possible! Thanks for helping to create comfortable place here.

I’d like to also thank current @TeamOG members for setting best example, for their helpfulness and attitude towards new members. You are doing great job having best interests of community in mind! I fully support your actions.

Thanks to all registered users for creating great and friendly atmosphere that follows the track of original Overgrow. That is what made it unique!

-Lemonade Joe


Thanks for the vote of confidence @LemonadeJoe.

Congrats gang! @ryasco @Calyxander @Dee.S73