How to post photos online anonymously?

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  4. How to post photos online anonymously? :arrow_left:

How to post photos online anonymously?

When using there is short answer:

Photos you are uploading to are fully anonymized. System automatically removes any additional information (metadata) besides picture itself from any photo file before saving it to our storage and publishing it in the forums.

If you want to know more, there is long answer:

When you are posting photos online and want to stay in privacy, you better learn about EXIF and other metadata. Practically every digital camera, phone or tablet saves additional information directly into JPEG photo file on the flash card.

This information is called metadata and can include camera model, its settings, shooting conditions, date taken and also GPS position if available.

There are cases in which you would like to keep this info private. If this is your goal, you should strip all the information before uploading it to web. does this for you automatically during upload so you can be sure photos are anonymous. If you plan to post photos to other sites, you can easily delete all metadata tags yourself.

Simple way is to use Photoshop or any basic photo editor or graphic viewer (IrfanView is free for Windows). Just open the photo and save it again without keeping any original EXIF data. (see screenshot of IrfanView below).

IrfanView also allows Batch conversion, so you can add multiple photo files or directories of photos and remove all metadata at once.


I love Ifranview. It is my second choice to Pbotoshop.

Yeah… Its one of the programs I have been using for maybe ten or more years already and it is still good. It is much faster work than with Photoshop and I do always have Photoshop set as default editor (you can bring external editor to edit current photo up by using Shift+E from irfanview).

You can set external editors using Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Set external editors

What I also use a lot is Batch conversion for resizing many photos at once using same settings (Resize setting to absolute pixels or percentage of original).

Its great and free tool…