New Year - New Gear! 🍻 Last chance! Extended to Feb 15th!

Howdy OG!

As the title states, New Year, New Gear!

@LemonadeJoe, I’d like to organize some type of fundraiser for OG, and of others would like to contribute (thx @corey for the 60 day BBG seeds to add to the kitty!)

The Prizes

I’m putting up this set for the fundraiser.

Winner for each prize item will be drawn separately from all raffle tickets.
(Each bulleted item in the list = separate prize)

  • Mav Glass 18" Classic Beaker Bong @nefrella

  • FastBuds - Blackberry @nefrella

  • HLG 288 led quantum board (just the board, no driver or heatsink) - donated by @potdaddy4x4

  • 20 feminized seeds from Attitude Freebies donated by @schmarmpit
    CH9 Seeds Luther Dogman
    Dinafem Seeds Amnesia Kush
    Barneys Farm Seeds Critical Kush
    DNA Genetics Seeds 24K Gold AKA Kosher Tangie
    Genofarm Seeds Purple Kush
    G13 Labs Seeds Pineapple Express #2
    BlimBurn Seeds OG’s Kush
    Barneys Farm Seeds Sweet Tooth
    Emerald Triangle Seeds Black Berry OG
    DNA Genetics Seeds Sour Kosher
    T H Seeds M.O.B. ®
    Dinafem Seeds White Widow
    Dinafem Seeds Bubba Kush CBD
    Dinafem Seeds Purple Orange CBD
    World of Seeds Afghan Kush
    World of Seeds Medical Collection Northern Lights x Big Bud
    BlimBurn Seeds Chemdog #4
    Barneys Farm Seeds Red Diesel
    Seedism Seeds Champagne Kush
    Dinafem Seeds Critical Mass CBD

  • Pack of seeds from @CoastalMarySeeds #1

  • Pack of seeds from @CoastalMarySeeds #2

  • Pack of seeds from @CoastalMarySeeds #3

  • Pack of seeds from @CoastalMarySeeds #4

  • Pack of seeds from @CoastalMarySeeds #5

  • Pack of 5 seeds Valley Ghash x Sunshine 4 by Bad Dawg Genetics @valleymicro

  • Pack of 4 fresh cuts from @Seamonkey84 (*shipping destinations may be limited)

  • Overgrow Leaf Classic T-Shirt (via OG shop @ by TeamOG

  • Overgrow Leaf Pullover Hoodie (via OG shop @ by TeamOG

  • Pack of 100 rainbow ylly f2s by tricoma-gold-genetics by @Pawsfodocaws

  • Pack of 10 Bubblegum seeds (regular, auto) by @corey

  • Pack of 12 Lavender Frosting F1 (Lavender Jack x Vanilla Frosting) We Toke Chronic seeds (regular, auto) by @corey

  • Six pack = 3 bars of goats milk soap and 3 CBD Bathbombs @YoBigdaddy


Shipping and terms

I’m happy to organize and take care of shipping (both USA and Canada folks, I have zero clue how customs stuff works, but UPS can do it all bwuahahaha).

I’d love it if some fellow OG’ers would feel like throwing in some amazing gear (seeds, or whatever) it would be fantastic. But, at the end of the day, if no one does, or can (I get it, we juuuust finished Christmas :woman_facepalming:) it’s all good…this won’t be the last disaster I organize LOL…

I’m just truly blessed to be part of such an amazing community and grateful to be able to give back.

Thinking like a couple different packages, raffle tickets? Will be adding a few additional misc items, still looking… :smirk::v::peace_symbol::+1:

Edit: Proceeds to go to OG for server stuff or whatever is needed for maintenance etc. Cool? Cool. :sunglasses:

When it will be drawn?

The draw will be held on 2021-02-15T21:00:00Z on our Discord channel.

Please register on our Discord channel in advance using the link provided in this topic: OverGrow Discord: Come and See Us! - #48 by toastyjakes

One random member connected to Discord will get a free raffle ticket!

(:stopwatch: Dates / times are shown in your timezone as long as you have your timezone correctly set in your profile)

How to participate?

  1. Donate 20$ USD to the site using :credit_card: card or Paypal (contact @LemonadeJoe for address)
  2. Add your name to the list below. @LemonadeJoe will confirm your raffle ticket ASAP.

Please join before 2021-02-15T18:00:00Z

List of participants

  1. Oldjoints
  2. dequilo
  3. SeymourGreen
  4. G-paS
  5. Heliosphear
  6. SweetLeaf
  7. CoastalMarySeeds
  8. HolyAngel
  9. Mormo
  10. pawsfodocaws
  11. Moka
  12. Vesti
  13. Donnie
  14. Gonepostal
  15. Sasquatch
  16. Grease_monkey
  17. Islayhearts
  18. Shaggy450r
  19. Tejas
  20. Dej
  21. Panamajock
  22. BigSparks
  23. Tinytuttle
  24. Doug Dawson
  25. nissan_ranger
  26. Greasy
  27. LOTF
  28. Needsomebeans
  29. Northern_Loki
  30. Floyd
  31. PlantShepherd
  32. Bullskinner
  33. wadar
  34. Berserker7205
  35. WhiteHotAfterburner
  36. yobigdaddy
  37. SaintAliasKnife
  38. Joker
  39. @other_barry (bonus ticket for discord online members)


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Please add your username below this line. You will be confirmed ASAP. Thank you.


I would like to add a HLG 288 led quantum boatd no driver or heat sink just the board
Peace out and stay safe


Very cool! @potdaddy4x4 that’s very generous of you!


Wowza @potdaddy4x4 !!! Awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thanks!


Just let me know how to procede

Peace out and stay safe


Just trying to pay it forward btw mail recieved cory ty

Peace out and stay safe


Just trying to pay it forward btw mail recieved cory ty

Peace out and stay safe


That’s pretty awesome of you guys to still find a way to give things away. When most aren’t in a position to give. :v:t3::v:t3::heart_eyes:. Anyways I do have a question in reference to the fast buds. Are they nugs or seeds. An if nugs where can I order? Would they ship to Philadelphia pa?? Because I can’t afford pa mmj program it’s insane. Prices are going up instead of coming down. Smdh. In pa a gram of dabs is 80-100$ an they won’t sell anything bigger then qtrs in bud because they make a fortune selling it at 60$ a 8th it’s ridiculous


Those are seeds


No problem brother! Thanks for letting me know. Happy growing my friend!


Speaking of generous you cory are exactly that thanks again

Peace out and stay safe


Thank you very much, @nefrella and @potdaddy4x4 for donating prizes to the New Year raffle!

Thanks for participating, @Oldjoints, your ticket is confirmed now!


as I love OG :slight_smile: 20 bucks to @LemonadeJoe

@nefrella thanks for all you do and I am in



could be worse I guess NY mmj program is a joke no flower no dab. The guvner has an issue with people SMOKING it like it can’t be smoked and medically beneficial they are trying to pass it soon because they are broke but really legalize weed bu you can’t grow itor smoke it yup like the twilight zone here butI feel you people need this medicine but for some reason there is still prohibition in so many states anyway I’m not sure about buying weed through the mail that sounds like ot might be dangerous but eh what do I know anyway this is a great idea you all amaze me constantly


I send a gram.or so to my son once in a whilevthrunthe mail i tell the post office guy there it fragile dont put itbthru the machine


@nefrella and @potdaddy4x4 thanks for being super awesome for looking out for the well being of Overgrow. You both are someone I look up to. :green_heart:


when will the raffle drawing take place?


Drawing will be at end of January.


Thanks to new participants, @G-paS, @anon80727880 and @Heliosphear!