NGB 2.0 led DIY choice (Bridgelux)

Hi guys !

Just fell in love with the NGB classic design. So I kind of did my own. I have the same requirement : stealth, mother plant, etc…
I made a little sketchup

The design is kind of the same, but a bit bigger.

I have a few question about the DIY led light I can put in :slight_smile:
First space : 30cm x 60cm = 0,984252FOOT x 1,9685FEET

I think i don’t need a lot of light in this one. So, I choose the 4 * 1 foot lenght 3500k. (not sure about the color, perhaps I should go to the 5000k ?) (BXEB-L0280Z-35E1000-C-B3)

I will drive them in Serie with the Meanwell APC-35-350 ? Does it looks ok to you ?
I have an hesitation, perhaps I will go for 6 strips, but I can’t figure out what will be the driver for this configuration ?

The second one : 68cm x 60cm = 2FEET x 2,28feet

Checked the ledgardener build for this one, and I want a bit more than 30w per sqft. So I’m going for 8 strips instead of 6 (2feet strips BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3) As I will put these in serie I believe I can use the HLG-185H-C1050B ?

For this one, there will be a dimmer and I will have a fix meter to check the number.

I suffer of dyscalculia, so I can be very wrong on some numbers. I have a few questions about the second ; Is it safe to run ? Do you have a better wiring to suggest ?

I will put more on the design itself and the equipement chosen if you have interest in it ! The final design might be a little bit less deep/profound.

(English is not my first language)

Thanks for your time !


If you can get a dimmer for the smaller space, I would suggest it. My bonsai mothers in a 2x2 only needed about 14 watts of Samsung LEDs in the 4000K spectrum.


Newer generation LEDs, 30 watt per square ft really is sufficient. Usually that’s 30 watt per square ft with 18 inches above canopy. Your lights will be closer so you could get away with less.

I find it fairly easy to give my plants too much light with the newer LEDs.


Thanks for your answers guys.

Will go for the dim driver ! And I will have some backup if i don’t have enough light !

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Grabbing a chair for this one, looking forward to seeing in action. Good luck

Cheers Johnny

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I’m gonna follow along as well. Hoping to build my own stealth box as well in a few weeks. Still planning it out and waiting on a check. Always thought the original NGB was brilliant. Are you going to post up your progress on building it?


Thanks and welcome !

The building will be in summertime.

I still can’t decide about the wood choice : For cost reason I want to go to melamine and will cover with fine plywood for style. Do you have any recommandation ?
The furniture will sit in a deskroom if it can help for choice !

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Sure, but not building it now !

Will do the light soon, will order extraction, carbon filter etc… Check with the other materials (pot, scrog, etc…) and adjust the dimension and after i will do the woodworking !

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I uses melamine when I built my workbench. It worked pretty well. If you go that route, I highly suggest a pocket hole jig.

Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 320

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Not sure yet aboute the melamine.

I will go for pocket kreg jig if i was in hardwood, is it ok with melamine ?

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Yes I used it in combination with melamine glue, holds sturdy. Been almost two years since I built it. Too bad it doesnt fit through the doorway. LMAO

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Ok, i believe I will do this, IT looks easy to do, Did you us angle clamp or just classic one?

I need something like this but for 90deg drilling. I can never get my holes perfectly so end up having to make them bigger than they need :weary:

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something for the dowels ?

In europe, we have this :ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=1FVTA142JORST&keywords=wolfcraft&qid=1581614425&sprefix=wolf%2Caps%2C222&sr=8-4

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I can share mine I made, after running my first NGB box for maybe 6-7 years. Even after building a room, I kept that box cycling.

I purchased bundles of 1" x 1" x 8’ and 2" x 2" x 8’ for the frame work. I then used luan floor leveling like a thin sheet of plywood for outside covers.
I purchased a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plastic bathroom wall replacement cover, very thin easy to cut…with a mask.
I have a piece of insulation hiding the utilities, a simple cage fan mounted on the back, pulling out, into a filter. I also made a base using thicker plywood, and slide a catch pan to run hydro if I choose to.
I would have used LED’s but all of them sucked real bad back then.
The walls are hollow so I made adjustable vents in the flower area.
Since my first box gave so much ganja, I decided to install the same 150 HPS, and a 70 MH, as that was a killer combo.
Rollers of course so if you want to dance with her you can.
MANY of my photos have been scrambled since this is like my 4 system now and migrating info made me look stupid.


I’m really missing some better photos I had. But I think it is very simple and straight forward. I loved this box, and gave it away to a friend in need as I was going to tents. I did fail a few places. I wanted to use a flexible sort of arm on the lights, to form it in place and it stays there like some work lights do…I failed. Had to use wire. I bought the lights as maintenance kits, so had maybe $100.00 in them. Squirrel cages $35.00. The T-5’s, alas no pic, but I mounted 4-single sticks 18" long to a timer, in the veg area,again very cheap.
The venting system worked a treat, I never used a fan in either boxes I built and ran, as the squirrel cage fans made huge suction, just loud!
I hope it helps some of you cannabeings.
Sincerely webe