Open pollination, selective pollination

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So, I’ve decided in my seed run to take plant “A(girl)” & plant "B(boy) and wanted to do a seed run, like open pollination of just these two plants.

I have the location to do so, but I’m curious about the over pollination of the buds, and the potential for a ton of immature, inviable seeds.

I’d like to maximize my return and get mad seeds, but, not at the cost of completely seeded crap with nothing to show for it.

Is it best (in your opinion, and please describe why) to just separate out the males, then selectively pollinate buds, or just throw them in together and be done with it, and come back when the plant is mature?

How effective (in terms of coverage/spread of pollen) is open pollination? Would it be better to do the “paintbrush method” at least then you are able to confirm who’s making the seeds?

So many questions, thanks for the help!

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Well, if you have one male and one female, that is pair breeding. Open pollination means multiple males and multiple females.



is pair breeding effective as such, or would i be better off to leave all 3 boys and 3 girls together and just let er rip?

Not trying to have zero smoke, but still would like a large return of seeds.

Thanks for the clarifications, im obviously no guru…yet…hahahahahah


More plants (not clones of the same) means more genetics. But for what I’ve seen done, one 18”-24” branch/plant, cans get you over 100 seeds.


Yep, it doesn’t take much pollen to make a boatload of seeds. Unless you plan on doing some selections, no reason not to simply pair breed.

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If you pollinate when the females have just barely started throwing any preflowers, you can pull a normal yield with just 2-4 seeds per bud. Your males will have to be in flower a few weeks before the females in order to have em ready in time


i decided to throw the boy/girl in their own tent and just let them go at it.

Seemed the simplest solution. This way, i can see a seed run from start/finish and know what I’m looking at (I’m still a newb lol).


Well you could flower the males and collect and save pollen, then just manually apply some to a specific branch on each female and Many others in the future.


Quick question.

Trying to coordinate my breeding tent with my next breeding pair, and want to know if by week 5, the female would be sufficiently pollinated enough to kill off the male, and move her back to the main flower tent, then start the next breeding pair.

Unsure how long I should leave the boy with the girl.

Are the browning pistols indicindicative of pollination? Looks like some of the boys have blown their wad aleady :joy::rofl::kiss:



I usually pollinate just a few branches at a time around week 3-4 in flower. I bag a branch or branches, drop in a packet filled with pollen and shake vigorously. I normally leave the bag twist-tied on for 12 hours or so, but pollination usually occurs when a pollen granule lands on the stigma of the pistil. I just leave the bag to ensure adequate pollination of the branch and also to try and thwart any unwanted pollination of other flowers.

That being said, if your female is 5 weeks into flower and your male has opened its pollen sacs and pistols are turning brown and dying back, it is usually safe to assume that adequate pollination has occurred. Although, pistols dying back can also be indicative of other things as well. I hope any of this rambling helped you some and wish you a nice seed crop. Positive vibes…


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The breeding pair is currently in week 3.

Is this normal for this early?

I wasn’t sure how long to leave them together, hence the 5 week timeframe.