Organic soil/genetic guidance for first outdoor grow?

Trying something outside in South Florida where there can be heavy rain and intense heat; looking for some guidance/information on how to start namely:

  1. Genetic choice (hardy, gas strain) sourcing said genetics
  2. Soil composition, sources
  3. Ideal schedule

I can’t speak to genetics but I would suggest that you ask some people from your local area. They’d know best what works best there. I dig a 15 gallon hole… twenty wouldn’t hurt. I then fill it with a well balanced organic soil mix and place a fully vegged clone in that. It’ll feed itself happily throughout its entire life. Now you just have to water it. Maybe a couple of top dresses during flower. You can find lots of organic soil mixes on this site or the net. Just remember “more” is not “better”. Maybe some rocks or gravel first if drainage is an issue. Keep things simple and you’ll be fine… given half a chance marijuana will grow out a crack in a sidewalk with no help from anyone.


Yeah thats pretty much what im shooting for; unfortunately dont have too much access to knowledge in the local area. Actually found someone who can send me some seeds, so first steps should be coming soon! I researched a soil recipe based on happy frog, that sound good?

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there are some Florida members here that could help… I personally haven’t used happy frog so I’m reluctant to comment on it… do some reading in our organics section and I bet you’ll find plenty of info. This site has most every answer to every question,just gotta read around a bit


Hi @AltoFleshPipe ,
I have lived and grown outdoors in SoFla for over 30 years.
For most outdoor growers here it is better and easier to use containers.
The soil quality is poor and quite shallow, usually only 1 to 1 ½ feet deep before you
hit limestone bedrock. Containers also provide an advantage with their portability, so they can be moved out of any nasty, damaging weather.
I usually grow more sativa, longer finishing strains. But virtually everything I have tried does well under the big sun. Far less problems with PM and bud rot here than when I grew outdoors in the NE US.
I cannot be of any help regarding organics, because I do not grow organically.
Others will chime in with advice in growing with that method.

Best of luck with your grow, and remember to have fun.


Thank you so much @Calyxander! At this point im down to try whatever works, learn, and then do my ideal grow once I get some experience. Since youre experienced do you have an outline I could follow by chance? Dont mind going non organic

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If you’re in Dade or Broward counties, shoot me a PM…I’ll be happy to give you some local pointers.


In south Mississippi here. We use raised garden beds here. Portable is a great idea as well. You can get regular top soil, some peat moss, Rabbit and chicken poo if you have access, easy on chicken poo it’s strong in nitrogen. Another great additive is find old rotten stumps of trees and the broken down wood makes an amazing soil additive. If you have the space make a compost bin and put all your scrap food(except meat) in it with some dirt and let it decompose for a year. Throw earthworms in there to help break it down. Avoid miracle grow that stuff sucks.