Shaggy's Fantasy Island (A virtual exclusive cannabis community, of sorts.)

What exactly is Shaggy’s Fantasy Island you may ask?

A short story here:
So I am some kind of silly dreamer.
If I had big money, I would like to buy say Australia.

Go big or go home right. :sunglasses:
Well some kind of an island for cannabis-loving folks to live on for free.

I picture it a lot like Gilligan’s island with all the handmade tools ect.
But would that not be cool, to have a community that works together, never keeping score or monetizing anything.
Everyone just gives/does what they can.
Open to all fantasy about what exactly the island is ect.
Maybe we get some laughs in the process too.

I know OG is already like that.
True it is, and what a great place OG is too.
Think of things like this, OG is like the whole world, we would be just a small island in that world.

Would you like to be a part of something silly like that?

If so, let us try and do it virtually.
And lets make this as fun as possible, and see if we can form a family on the island.
There is room for all different kinds of folks here.

There is no room at all for bad actors.

So to get on this island to start anyway, you must be very trusted here at OG.
You kinda need to be invited to the island to get on it.
Exceptions can be made.

We can talk about that more in the future.
I can easily see who are the well trusted members here I hope most of those folks would like to hang out on the island too.


Like I said I would like to form a family on the island where you can trust everyone on the island even if you don’t know them.

My part:
I do not wish to be the king or even have authority here on the island.
But I do not wish to have any drama either.
When we clash, I guess we just all roll a fatty, sit around a bonfire and hash it out like family should.

I plan on providing a large amount of good genetics in seed form, for free to my family.
My future plans are to also provide some choice cuttings to the family also.

This is a work in progress of course and we can modify things as we see fit as time passes.

So if you like the thought of hangin’ on an island with your canna family come on out to Shaggy’s Fantasy Island

To get on the island…
Simply post your name in the thread for review.
If you have a low trust level, you will be allowed to be sponsored on to the island by an existing member.
But there needs to be some rules concerning sponsorship.
We can address these in the near future.

Maybe I will even get us one of those fancy bamboo cars too.


This page will be for the island family members list.
This way we all can see the residents of the island.

Family Members:

  1. @shag :us:
  2. @middleman :us:
  3. @BigMike55 :us:
  4. @ReikoX :us:
  5. @DesertHeartGardens :us:
  6. @bassman5420 :us:
  7. @Stankonia :us:
  8. @G-paS :us:
  9. @SmackyMcSmackers :us:
  10. @Bobgrows :us:
  11. @crownpoodle :us:
  12. @tresbundles :us:
  13. @buckaroobonsai :us:
  14. @avr1 :us:
  15. @CrunchBerries :us:
  16. @LivingBlackSoil :us:
  17. @4ftfarmer :us:
  18. @Dr.VitaminGreen :us:
  19. @BeagleZ :us:
  20. @Gonzo :us:
  21. @Kavman :us:
  22. @PCC5rivers :us:
  23. @joheimgrohen :us:
  24. @Ris :us:
  25. @toastyjakes :us:
  26. @catapult :us:
  27. @beneficial :us:
  28. @Mrgreenthumb :us:
  29. @Natea :us:
  30. @imstinky :us:
  31. @Randar :us:
  32. @LegsMahoney :us:
  33. @Franknberry :us:
  34. @Emeraldgreen :us:
  35. @Cactus :us:
  36. @Thats_bank :us:
  37. @cannaology :us:
  38. @420noob :us:
  39. @misterbee :us:
  40. @A-Loc :us:
  41. @Ottafish :us:
  42. @Kgrim :us:
  43. @numbskull :us:
  44. @Maddawg :us:
  45. @Tracker :us:
  46. @Carty :us:
  47. @Adventuretime86 :us:
  48. @MoBilly :us:
  49. @SmokinJoeMGF :us:
  50. @Greenfingers :us:
  51. @Jetdro :us:
  52. @ABushOfKush :us:
  53. @Pawsfodocaws :us:
  54. @TestOfOath :us:
  55. @NICO :us:
  56. @JAWS :us:
  57. @hawkman::us:
  58. @GEMI-CONNECT616 :us:
  59. @Foreigner :canada:
  60. @ShiskaberrySavior :canada:
  61. @MissinBissin :canada:
  62. @Kushking902! :canada:
  63. @Qtip :canada:
  64. @vincentadultman :canada:
  65. @Mr.Sparkle :canada:
  66. @Mithridate :canada:
  67. @chronix :canada:
  68. @TopShelfTrees1 :canada:
  69. @Yetigrows :canada:
  70. @Kyumonryu :canada:
  71. @DougDawson :canada:
  72. @sedin :canada:
  73. @THCeed :canada:
  74. @204medismoke :canada:
  75. @BU2B :canada: / :us:
  76. @CanuckistanPete :canada:
  77. @SensiBowl :canada:
  78. @DonGnosis :canada:
  79. @MonasticDank :canada:
  80. @Pigeonman :canada:
  81. @jessethestoner :canada:
  82. @SHSC-1 :canada:
  83. @ifish :uk:
  84. @Pedro_Bann :australia:
  85. @Jango :new_zealand:
  86. @alwaysnoob
  87. @Tlander :thailand:
  88. @anon80198312 :uk:
  89. @tamimes :netherlands:
  90. @George :es:
  91. @Piter :es:
  92. @Cranio :australia:
  93. @slain :australia:
  94. @HeadyBearAdventures
  95. @Rhai88
  96. @OriginalDankmaster96
  97. @blowdout2269
  98. @Cormoran
  99. @BudWhisperer
  100. @mota
  101. @Sense
  102. @GCBudz
  103. @yardgrazer
  104. @ix3u
  105. @Ghgrower
  106. @mike28086
  107. @Jimdoors
  108. @pine
  109. @Albannach
  110. @hemp
  111. @OhNo555
  112. @Misguided_USMC
  113. @Loggershands
  114. @Illicitmango
  115. @duo
  116. @Uprangewilly
  117. @Bayarealivingsoil
  118. @Slammedsonoma420
  119. @InTheWoods

Interesting post. I’ll follow along and see where this goes.


This page will be used for sponsorships.

If you sponsor someone onto the island, and the family agrees they are a scammer, you may get voted off the island.

Be careful who you invite into the family.

Sponsor: … … … … … …Inviteee:
@shaggyballs … … @Thirdcoaster


Here for a look-see. Also, I’m running Island Sweet Skunk at the moment. So, there’s that.


Sounds perfect for the island.
Pick out your grow area, that spot over there is all day sun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol we tried to do a dnd style thing a gooood while back…But I can’t find it lol

I’d need @Jellypowered or someone similar to remember better lol


The real question is Mary Ann or Ginger? :wink:


Im already involved with the TPP group, so don’t know how much help I would be.

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Why do you suppose it failed?
Do you feel this would be doomed to fail in real life?
I know it is a tough concept.


… or Mrs. Howell, What about Lovey?


Can I be a Count? Some kind of landowner anyway…


I understand, go chill on the beach, grab a cold one.
We can hollar for ya if we need ya! :sunglasses:


Well in a way, yes to both.
In michigan there is a tiny island they have jobbie nooner on.
It has a mayor, yes for real.
I was told to ask him before I put up a volleyball net…LOL
So you can hold the title of Canna Count if you wish it.
And a land owner you are, the whole dam place is yours to do what you want with.
Just don’t piss no one off!
Unless you want to smoke a bunch by the bonfire. :thinking:


It’s the modern day brother, why not both? I am still pretty energetic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also for all you island people, I am sure you know of the Gilligan’s Island theme song but did you know there was a lost pilot with different characters and a different song? Have a taste of some nostalgia :slight_smile: Got a calypso feel to it, makes me laugh every time. Karumba, what a storm :rofl:


I remember it, I also forget what the thread was called, was it one of yours?


No… I think it was more the interest loss and not keeping up with it…

Gotta keep it exciting


I’d love a plot on an island. A little confused, how do I apply? Lol. My mistake I’m smoked :wink:


That’s the problem, I can’t remember… I think it was jelly though… Just can’t find the thread…



Shit… It’s in the garbage can… Booo!