Smoke/Vape Ring competition

Welcome OG’s,

The winner of this event will be voted on by all OG’s, the Top ten will be entered into the OG sponsored Picture of the year contest in the community category.

This event is open to all OG’s. Looking to make a name for yourself, find some friends and have fun along the way? Chances are your looking for something to do besides watch cannabis grow, your already tokin or vaping anyway… share what you can do.

The end of this competition is December 12th 2021, the thread will be closed for entry and a voting thread will be opened with all pictures provided, stamped with the OG logo of each contestant. Voting will be open to all OG’s for 7 days.

Not interested, still want to share the community spirit?


Interesting wonder what people will show :rofl:



Smoke/vape rings I hope. :rofl: Thanks for sharing.