Tms’ tried and proven method of getting rid of mostly all fungus/mites/bugs/moulds

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lol throw everything out and start over?

Eagle 20 kills PM overnight.

Spiromesifen will kill mites overnight.

Imidacloprid will kill root aphids overnight.

These are not that expensive and much cheaper than starting over.

Gimme a pest I’ll tell you how to kill it. (viruses I can’t help with).


Strepsiptera. This bug might be the scariest thing I’ve ever heard of.


Those are terrifying…but they kill wasps so they can chill. Enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Lemme know when they take over your growroom lol.


Forgot the last step.

Burn Down Grow Room. Lol


hmm I thought it involved Godzilla and the National Guard


Dude these things are aliens ! Horrifying and disgusting

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Found a black widow in my basement – not the strain :smiley:


how often do you need to reapply? i havent even had to buy neem in 5-6 years after i decontaminated my grow room, let alone some supercharged chemical im expected to somehow introduce into sometimes blooming plants

i try to decontimanate between grows, feels brand new (i use tents)

heres a sample of my work:

the greatest achievement in my pest free grow room was this gangly sativa that tasted like strawberry oatmeal, think it was a freebie… smoked it all though


Sorry last message was directed at vernel

Do these chems have a guarantee that they’ll kill all spore/bug/larvae/etc? I run a low note profile so my plants burn off internal reserves but sorry for jumping on your grow style

I mean I thought having a pest free grow room for half a decade was an achievement lol

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Tomorrow you’re gonna wake up and still have that shit on your plants, drives a grown adult insane. I suggest trying a thorough decontamination and starting over, if they’re like a week in you can probably use the chemicals vernal suggested but I’ve been growing 15 years and never heard of a one stop clean marijuana chemical

Again, if you have like 6 or 12, and you’re really desperate and they won’t sell, start experimenting and jotting down notes

Well i would have to say the first step of preventive maintenance for pest and mildew is to clean all that dead plant material off the floor of your tent. [quote=“mysterious_stranger, post:10, topic:35266”]
mean I thought having a pest free grow room for half a decade was an achievement lol

Its not a pest free grow room for 15 years if you had to completely start over due to pests? Now is it. Lol. 7 years growing here and have never shut down due to a pest. Never had powdery mildew either. A lot of it is climate oriented. With proper preventive maintenance which can definitely be done safe and organically you could go without having to shut down due to pests.

i dont really suffer from pests or mildews or fungus… and ill keep my growing tips to myself after i send reply… some people just dont deserve good knowledge

be sure to spray those research chemicals you find on amazon and random web sites on the internet directly on those bud sites



So cleaning your equipment after a pest infestation is good knowledge. I would call it universal knowledge that anyone with common sense knows to do. Your not dropping a knowledge bomb worthy of your shitty attitude. Nor does it even seem like your read my response or have ever read any literature about organic methods of dealing with pests. But you rock on dude. Dont let all that knowledge make your head too big. LMFAO


youre full of yourself man, im just gonna look the other way and leave this forum and going back to icmag, atleast they only have one troll who spends all day typing

and because of actions of users in this thread, i just wont share my findings or my knowledge, people dont deserve shit on this forum

Your the one who is full of yourself man. Im sure icmag will be happy to have you back. PEACE

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Apply rolled up magazine as necessary.

Say mean things to it until it gets low self-esteem.

Spiders are easy, they don’t have resistance to much of anything as far as pesticides go. Spraying in the basement will also kill their food supply; I spray once a year to prevent any incoming bugs in early summer.

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You only need to reapply if you get re-infested. Avoid vectors of infestation and you can go years without reapplication.

PM will magically appear if you get lazy about airflow, crowding, and defoliation. Bugs most commonly come in on clones, your clothes, houseplants, whiteflies can bring mites, etc. There’s a million ways to get infested but with a little good practice, you’ll avoid most problems and when you do get an infestation, it’s easy to clear out.

I thought it was pretty much universal knowledge too. Like geez you dont say…keep a clean environment. That is cannabis 101. I think you hurt his feelings

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I didnt mean too hurt his feelings. I thought i was being quite polite until he got pissy about it. I just thought i would point out that if your gonna take the time to disinfect your entire tent you might as well keep dead plant material off the floor as well. Okay, I might have poked a little fun before that when i said burn down the grow room. But, it was just poking fun like i would with anyone.