Topic tagging - the best way to organize your topics

Why use tags?

We encourage use of topic tagging.

Tags allow better organization of topics. Also they are much more flexible than categories. Proper tags increase visibility of your topic, its searchability and also can attract more readers (see Watching tags below).

Multiple tags can apply to the same topic, even across categories.

How can I navigate using tags?

Use drop-down menu on our homepage or select tags from the complete tag list.

How to select tags for my new topic?

Please select up to 5-7 most descriptive tags when creating your topic. Members (trust_level_2) can select from pre-defined tags, Regulars (trust_level_3) can also create new tags.

You can see complete list of tags here.

Tags can be added when creating a topic or when editing first post in the topic:


How to add new or edit existing tags?

Only members with trust level 3+ (regular members) can create tags.

If you would like to have additional tags created or merge existing ones, please let me know in this topic.

How to view tags for particular topic?

Tags are shown in topic list for particular category. You can also see topic tags in topic header (just under title).

How to link tagged topics?

You can also put a link to a tag into your post easily.

If you want to refer someone to a list of topics that share a specific tag: type # (number sign) then type a first few characters, this works for tags or categories. For example #photography

How to watch for new topics with tags?

You can now watch or ignore topics with particular tags. Set this in your preferences:

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Hey @LemonadeJoe, Could we get one fixed?

#coco instead of #cocos


Sure, it is done… #coco

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New feature:

Watching tags

You can now get notifications when topics with particular tags are created.

Information about watching or ignoring tags has been added to the first post.