I'm proposing new forum category

Been searching hard thru post after post in grofax, indoor, outdoor , advanced catagories. Get some info here some info there some i understand some i don’t. I know there are some very good organic growers onsite . I was thinking that they could pull together experience and knowledge for grofax . And I think organics is worth its own catagory . Just my opinion.:v:


actually we have category for organics and also tag (so you can tag topics “organic” in other categories too)…

You can link to category by using #

e.g. #general-indoor-growing:organics

or link tag by using ##

e.g. #organic

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I’m little bit thinking about opposite way, to prune some categories, which don’t have enough posts. (We would move them to tags). By using tags, we still have the ability to organize them. Later when there are enough topics category can be created…

Imho separate category is justified only if there are posts on daily basis.

And why have separate category gallery->greenhouses when you can use tag #greenhouse. Tag is more universal in a sense. You can use tag #greenhouse to find all photos in gallery (if you select it from Latest topic list), but you can also search for greenhouses in other categories or on whole forum.


Yessir I noticed after I posted org tea post it was taged by you as organic, thought for minute I did something bad,about to get banned😭. Still new to new O.G… Have patience with me while I try learning all the tricks.thank you✌


I agree sir. It’s been a long time since I hobbied. Pruning ( plants not threads)I used to know very well, but forgoting most of it. I also have been trying to relearn the art of pruning.:v:

O k , reread , starting to understand . that makes good sense. Stuck in OG1.0 rut. I need to have patience with new OG and grow with it

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I have been wondering (not again!!?)…

There’s a few topics I’ve considered organizing/starting for the members:

The OverGrow Kitchen - for all food/drink/cooking/medible talk
The DarkRoom - photography & cannabis
The Builders Shed - for discussion of buildings/construction/electricity

My personal interest & experience is in the 3rd subject there. For example I have questions(running outdoor underground power, adding subpanels)…

And as an added distraction…

There’s a lot of over-lapping cultivation information between the Indoor & Outdoor environments that may be non-specific. And greenhouses present their own unique/hybrid environment.

Would re-organizing existing threads be impossible/wrong?

Is that more appropriate for FAQ?

:evergreen_tree: gotta strike :hammer: while the iron’s hot :fire:


I love it but I think that it’s such a good idea, that they make it part of the categories list on the site
And the Greenhouse idea too for hybrid (indoor/outdoor) growers


I think they are all great as well. Would definitely help a noob like me, especially the last. I have done some framing and electrical work, but am nothing near competent.


Sounds like a fantastic idea @cannabissequoia.

I’d love to try making Edibles but I’m not very good. The wife usually has to help me if I want them at all potent.

I think the more useful information that we can post here the better and more valuable the forum will become.



I’ve done chocolate. Can’t really screw that up…

  1. melt chocolate
  2. add ground up weed
  3. let harden

Needless to say… I screwed it up LOL


What gets me is the decarbing. I can’t even seem to make firecrackers work. Though my wife’s dog seemed like she was tripping balls (accidentally ate a bit while I wasn’t looking.)


I think I got it… sorta. Got an old oven so temp is sometimes a guesstimation but I try to get it as close as I can with a thermometer. I try to get it as close to 240F as I can and just keep it in there 50 to 60 min. It seems to work, though I am sure I am losing something.

Was this before or after decarb?


After. I ground the bud and mixed into really oily and fatty peanut butter, then baked for a while (can’t remember how long or how hot)
Though now that I think about it, Edibles don’t do a whole lot for me. I’ve had a bunch of gummies that some relatives gave us from Oregon, but only ever a mild buzz.
Maybe I need to use more bud.

What we need is a solid collection of detailed recipes.


That as your first mistake… mixing it into PB. Don’t know a dog that doesn’t go nutz for it. Though I am surprised it affected it, hasn’t been converted from THCA to THC.

Not only detailed, but ones that any idiot could follow (you know, like me). There are a lot of sites out there that have recipes, some really good sounding ones, but you need to be a rocket scientist, even for basics like butter and ccnut oil to understand them.


Add an Outdoor Grow Diaries category to please :grin: :+1:


commercial edibles in oregon are low potency, the regulators wanted the dosage to be low enough that someone who has never tried cannabis could eat a whole edible without tripping. it’s not surprising that you didn’t get much of an effect from those gummies.


… and that someone who really needs 2gm a day will have a :syringe: hard-drug addiction :money_mouth: bill… or to have a party means paying out the :tada:


:evergreen_tree: “win-win” situation for the :cop: Man

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I kinda like your idea @cannabissequoia. I wouldn’t mind a cordoned off area to post geeky stuff (such as source code snippets, maybe a schematic or two, etc ) for other experimenters/dyi to utilize.