Wanting to make a hydroponic system

Hello my friends have been wanting me to start hydro ponics and I would like to know everything I would need for a dwc Or hydroponic setup and are full spectrum led lights effective and if so how many watts should I look for and how big of a bucket should I use per plant space is no issue what nutrients and any other tips are very appreciated

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Tubs or buckets work good.


I’ll work under the assumption that you have mastered intergalactic travel, because SPACE IS NOT AN ISSUE :astonished:

Seriously, though: you have to add some parameters to your request, because “please tell me everything I need to grow hydroponically in an undefined area with an undefined budget” is effectively impossible to answer. I used an internet-based searching robot to find this, which seems like an good-enough starting point.


I love physics! HAHAHAHA. There is one phrase from the bible: - Gen1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…” Who can find the science behind that phrase…?

@LetsGetLit I want to do hydro too, it will be very interesting to see how you develop your project; me, i got my popcorn ready! Take pics of everything… Here’s a video from Alien DWC, that tells you how to assemble one of their kits. Even tho you’re constructing yours DIY, i find it very illustrative to someone with your goal in their scope!



Hydro. Why hydro. If you have to ask these questions your gonna fuck up super badXD hydro is soooo finicky. One thing goes wrong your fucked. Power outage while you sleep? Hope you got a generatorXD ph a little wrong? Lockouts. Dont clean or cool the water? Root rot. Soil man. Do it how nature intended.


I agree with @lotus never had done it before but from what I’v heard if your not on top of your game it could mean disastrous results plus if you compare two identical strain yes hydro when things are tuned in you will probably net more but side by side taste test soil will win every time something that hydro has yet to achieve!


Try to find a mentor, someone who’s already got their shit together. Your best bet IMO.


One word, grasshopper: GrowFAQ

Particularly highgrade’s classic how-to on bubbler buckets.

For new to immediate growers, it’s a hydro tek that is still hard to beat for cost, flexibility, ease of operation, and output. Takes the complication and dependence on mechanics out of the equation. Worst can happen is your air pump fails and your girls get a little oxygen-starved for a couple of days til you can run to the aquarium shop.

Though I would agree that if you are very new to it, soil is the first stop on the path to wisdom… (And probably the last stop as well.)


ps- Oh, and skip the full spectrum LED lights, go for white COBs. More on that soon…


I end up learning my self whenever someone asks a question aroud here. I was gonna do DWC form the get go, and i said to myself, that the day i go into DWC it will be a natural change like an automatic response because of the experience i have gained. There will be nothing i don’t know about it before i do it, theoretically speaking. But listen to the people here on OG, they are wise as they are kind. Humbly yours.


PS.: And yes, go to the FAQ, read it (don’t just go) and then come back with all the questions in the world that you might have. That’s the way it works. I google a lot.


More bad information. Youre borderline trolling, and not adding to the conversation…



There are many kinds of hydroponic systems.

There are unpowered hydro systems that you should look at.

-Wick Hydroponics
-Coco Hydroponics

All these can be hand watered, its just media to hold your solution.

The cultivators I work with can hit 30%THCA working in coco with LED or HPS/CMH lighting with either blumat or handwater, and still retain excellent terpene qualities, and smooth smoke.

Coco + High end commercial LED’s

I work with a variety of growers in DWC, NFT, LPA, etc… Coco guys from my own lab data hit the highest numbers… , Beauty of it is you can get 40 liters for 14 bucks, and you just treat it like soil… Just have to keep it wet. And its sterile, you can treat it with inoculants if you wish.

There is no one size fits all or does hydro fit with every philosophy of growing, just depends on what your goal is.


So you insult a persons intelligence, thats trolling.

You dont like hydro growing, fine, ok, we get it, but if you dont have any real information with hydro that helps the OP, and you’re here to fly the “notil” flag to a person asking basic questions about hydroponics, is trolling.


If you have any ?'s on D.W.C. . I spent years studing and improving the system learning from the best O.G. 1.0 had to offer. From. D. W. C., Organic , Aquaponics , indoor. All natural organic, no chem. Gaunos, nat. Honey, maple. Molasses. Shit got so sticky, heavy,tasty, powerful. My God surely bless me with that knowledge. Not saying all by no means, bettet than organic soil , notill . better for me is what I’m. Saying. The initial. Setup lil costly, lil work, but not as scary as they make it sound . doing sog i was harvesting 1 1/2 pds bi weekly of some of the best shit. Most every body ever smoked, so good i was being introduced to pro athl. And thier growers just amazed it was so good . rappers and rock bands alike. I was introduced to at least 20 growers from around the lower 48. So don’t. Let them fool ya, imo, its as good organic quality, better production wise. 26 × 1 1/2 = smoke all you can and still have more than enough to do whatever the fuck you wanna do.

All in a 7’×14’ room. 1/2 cloning,veg. 1 400 metal hylide for veg. 2 4’ flore. For clones in 100 gal f.tank. 1/2 flowering 12/12 under 2- 400 hps with 1 400 m.h. in the midle 3 diferant strians at all times. Happy trimming✌


@lotus710 I would like to ask you to stop posting negative comments about chemical nutrients in other peoples Topics.


I’m big advocate for hydroponics but will be the last one trying to resolve old soil vs soil-less question.

Both have its qualities, benefits and pitfalls…

Lets just assume the OP has already arrived to this solution and compared facts to both.

For hydro vs soil discussion I recommend you starting another topic and don’t hijacking OP’s thread…


I disagree - imho DWC is easy to setup and start getting experiences. Without experience both methods need adjustments and oversight.

In hydro essential is to have ph and ec meter and react to out-of-barrier readings.


On Overgrow 2.0, and because of lack of experience i think i hijacked a couple of thread and now i understand it, sorry.

I also believe that @lotus710 was trying to help, in his own way. But he’s got his heart in the right place. I’m just saying.

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Hi lotus, while I value your insight to no-till I consider questioning use of hydroponics very much off-topic here in this thread. Just have that on mind. For the sake of meaningfulness of the discussion.

I won’t moderate the topic this time, but next time I’ll split the topic so you can continue discussion on both topics (as both are relevant).


I disagree, Lotus710 is off topic and trolling. Telling somebody that they are going to fuckup hydro doesn’t live up to OG community standards.

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@LetsGetLit, please don’t be discouraged and go on with your project, anybody can do it. It’s not Quantum Physics. Nobody here was born with all the knowledge and we are all human bound to make mistakes. Here’s a guide that i read this morning, it didn’t really tell me anything new but, here you go. I did it on google, with “The I’m Feeling Lucky” feature.

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