Weed emojis?

I see :fire: used a lot…but how hard is it to get some of our own images? Perhaps a :bong: ? :pot_leaf:? We need to have the correct symbolism as we move forward and Overgrow the world. The internet and the world of emojis must also welcome our proliferation. N’est ce pas?


I suppose there’s only available those who come with the forum script but you can upload as image external ones, faut pas faire un dessin … beer3|nullxnull

anim-jjd fly2ng|nullxnull petard fumaoo|nullxnull icon_eek|nullxnull IPirata|nullxnull stoned troncho6dh|nullxnull



But we should have the following at least? (feel free to add a few)

:spliff: or :blunt:

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