What to do with 355mm ec fan, ducting and filter setup after going smaller?

I made my setup smaller and I am using only 200mm fans at the moment. Even smaller would also work.

From before f I still have loads of 355mm fan and ducting equipment. Duct hoses and other duct work.

Also a 355mm silenced electronically controlled (EC) tube fan for around 600 dollars.

I have two kind of thoughts now:

  • Cool stuff, maybe I still can need it for something, maybe for an hvac system?
  • maybe I can use the 355mm fan and connect it to the 200mm hosing and it would be really silenced

other thougts:

  • I have no use for that huge setup anymore. It is really big and the coal filters are enormous and expensive
  • If I have no use for that, then it is not good to have all that big stuff in the house, sell it or throw away what you can’t sell (ducting)

Guys I am asking you what do you thing, what to do with an 355mm setup?

Is there anything I could use such a big fan for? For what else can you use these fans (silenced electronically controlled (EC) tube fan)? Hvac system in the house or is that bullshit? Anti viral exhaust system for the next serious pandemic hahaha. Really I am not sure what to do with it…


If you have the space, you can still use 355mm with suitable adapter pieces. Just the fan remains large, your filter and ducting pieces are of the size that you need (200mm?). It would mean that for your desired airflow, the fan would work at low wattage and low noise levels. There’s really no downside to using a bigger fan as long as you can squeeze it in…


what can you do with duct parts and the sonoduct? maybe build a room with extraction for woodworking and painting? :smiley:

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Definitely or a meth lab :thinking:


Keep them in case one of your new fans fails. Always good to have a spare.

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I made the mistake of getting a 12" fan for my grow room. Fycking thing barely fits between the studs and is basically a jet engine.

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yeah, thats it. it is a jet engine. When I use my 14", I worry there will be some problem with the controller and the thing will run on full power. I dont know how my exhaust at my roof would look in that case :smiley: