Where can I see photos and examples of SCROG gardens?

Links collected by Arnold G. Diddlegrit:

A tidy 150 setup by NIMBY

A single plant 250 bubbler by brokenknee

A Mr. Stinky 250 bubbler scrog
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WallBanger is developing a 6 x 70 HPS scrog
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High Five shows us a crisply designed 250 DWC cabinet with mother area, 20" x 17" only 5’ tall

Eugene engineers a 70 HPS v-scrog box, way cool for 70 fanciers, lots of pictures
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As long as we’re with eugene, this isn’t a scrog, but it essentially apes the concept on a much larger scale (2 x 600), and is so cool I had to include it.

Che Bleu, a first timer, has a good 400 flat scrog going

Eugene tries a 400 bog
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Realhigh does a 400 with some mature plants, and it seems to work well

Chippy diagrams training with graphics, neat

Chippy illustrates a before and after training for a flat scrog
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A 1000 watt ``V’’ form grow

Solid 250 flat grow by razor showing how cheating tall can be productive

An outstanding 2.4 ounce per foot (!) 400 grow by StirCrazy (400 grows can really kick it)
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peg’s pictures of a large-scale grow room (takes awhile to load)

Pictures of revised duplex cabinet for h/bog

Picture of first crop from above, link to harvest results

Most recent results (less than two years from start to finish in this section - seems like 5!)

Articles by chthonic regarding various s/bog test crops and other matters
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