New tent trying out scrog for the 1st time

So my last grow grew to tall for my tent so this time I decided to go with a bigger tent (went from a 2x4 to 4x4) also I decided to try and give scrog a try I get the basic concept of it but if any tricks or tips would be much appreciated here’s a pic of the plants and set up so far


Been thinking about doing a scrog for a while now but too lazy and i like to remove individual plants for inspection etc. What lighting you using, is that a blurple led unit? I like the tray, can i ask what make? that’s exactly what i need to do a hand watered coco grow, it looks nice and easy to empty. A

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I’m running 2 320w maxsisuns and 2 300w bloomspect and the tray is a 4x4 low tide from active aqua

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Wish i could get a 3x3 tray like that but not available here, wrong side of the Atlantic. I’m sticking with HPS for now until i can afford good, quiet led fixtures. Very interested in Baudelaire’s SolStrip kits but that will have to wait till funds allow. Good luck with the grow, looks like your off to a good start. A

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Amazon has a active aqua 3x3 if the ship to you.
WOW the 4X4 is $250 US. I guess I won’t be getting one.


@G-paS WOW is way politer than what i said, i don’t even want to know what one would cost with shipping and customs charges. Guess they wont be selling many trays Shame cos it looks the biz. A

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Puts Viagra into your grow, lol.


PS, look around, you might find cheaper, but of course, they are cheaper. This one is in Atlanta,GA

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Viagrow for rampant plants :grin:

Got me one of these last year and i’m impressed so far but a tray with a sump would be very handy.

Here you go my friend this is where I got my tray on sale and there doing 50% off shipping


First day of flower excited to see what the white cream x SuperDog crosses are going to be like


How did it turn out? I’m running a very similar setup for my first grow ever. The SCROG is still in veg, maybe a week away from the flip.
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