Who sends exchanges in Italy?🇮🇹

hi friends I changed ADDRESS … I had to remove all my seed resources now I am left alone with those seeds I planted from the diary and the seeds donated by corey the rest has been lost because that asshole where I have the seeds girl cleaned and threw everything away … I already had the seeds of the next crop but now I will have to start finding them again deer help you friends of og thanks in advance I had varieties of @Hoppy that mo had sent and I know I was disappointed because it was invented by him


I am looking for both autoflowering and feminized photoperiod help friends

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So you lost the ones I sent?

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I answered you in private just to find out which ADDRESS YOU SENT BECAUSE TO MY FIRST Address everything is lost now I have a new one … I answered in private because there are personal data GUYS WHO CAN HELP ME

Bro I tried real hard to help you order your auto flowers and you wouldn’t buy them to get them sent to you. Nobody’s going to buy your beans for you and send them across the planet on the hopes that you pay them back. Well I won’t. And I googled 20 translations to Italian!!!