Wifi flood and drain. COB cool tube. Purple badlands from cut

Day 4 bloom
Using vitalink hydromax soft water at a rate of 3ml/l

That’s my COB cool tube. 225w max draw. Dimmable to 9w straight 3000k citiled cluo38’s. 4 inch fan/filter combo.

Main room controls on sonoff 4ch pro r2.
Flood and drain system runs from 2 sonoff basics spurred from the 4ch pro r2 so I can run a loop timer alongside my light schedule.

Loop timer settings. I flood 10x a light cycle and they seem to like it.
Quite proud of my work gone into this room. And quite impressed at the efficiency of my first ever flood and drain build. (I copied the IWS flood and drain system. And used sonoffs to run it)

Let’s see what it does the next couple months shall we


I’ve no doubt I’ll be more and more impressed as the weeks go by cola. I’m still building funds for my proper rdwc/dwc/DTW system. I’ve still got your parts list that you sent me. A not so good clone of your works maybe in my future :sunglasses:


This is new ground for me. But I’ve done enough reading. Questioning. Prodding and dithering to get me by this run and I know the strain. It’s a new nutes regime. New light. New space. New system. So I may fuck up a bit along the way still.

FLOOD and DRAIN not RDWC or DWC please :sweat_smile: you only ever see threads with titles like “issues in DWC” not “look how well this is going”


WB @Colanoscopy, the new light, fan and filter looks dope as F**k!
Sweeet build, yet again!

Taggin along for this one!


I’ve used the vitalink hydro nutrients before mate in bubble buckets. They work excellent. Only problem I had with them is they stained the roots so I was constantly smelling the buckets and roots looking for root rot. :+1:


Cheers @Palindrome I’m not gonna be as active as I was. Mainly posting in my own threads and dashing likes in others. The COB cool tube is by far the best design to date. (It’s the progeny of a stoned evening tossing ideas between me and @Albannach a while back) refined twice. Only thing I’m waiting for are some cob lenses to finish the light to a legitimately saleable British standard. Even though it’s my own :rofl: brass fittings and spray job on the fan/filter give a nice finish. :100: my best work.
I’m still more impressed my wifi flood and drain build works though :rofl:

They started out on megacrop so already looked brown lol. Smells fine though. I got the vitalink cos it was £25 for 5l A&B delivered. And our water comes out around 67ppm


I emailed vitalink and told them I was testing various nutrients and asked if I could have a couple of testers. They sent out a big box with bottles of all their hydro range, buddy, root stim and a few other things. When I priced it all up it came to over £60. Shy bairns get nowt they say :rofl:
Was there not enough in that bag I sent you for a full megacrop run then??


Yeah mate I ran the cherry tart with megacrop. I’m nearly finished with a run of citrus freeze using it. I’m feeding my super lemon haze x Jesus OG. Rainbow kush and peyote cookies with it. Passed some to 2 mates. Still got a bit left. But no it’s just not for hydro mate. You got a bargain with me cos you’re a cheeky beggar :joy::joy::joy:

Ps just emailed vitalink asking them some bits about their products. See what they say and if they extend the same courtesies.


I bounced emails with the secretary bird for around 2 weeks. I blatantly asked for samples. I said it couldn’t hurt to ask for some samples and the worst they could say was no :rofl: she’s seems a nice lass. Had a weird name though. Likely polish or cheq.


Still no word back as of yet but give them a week or so. See what’s what. Did you need calmag in your bubble system using vitalink


I didn’t use calmag mate. I had a slight mag deficiency on a white widow and used some Epsom salts to fix it. I always get slight problems whenever I grow ww though. My other plants thrived fine without anything extra.
It took a few days for them to reply to my 1st email if I’m honest but they do respond and she’s really helpful. I wish I could remember her name


Now you mention it, this does seem to be the case.


Day 6 poked my head in. All is looking well


Could you explain more on the control bucket and how you built it. Pics maybe. It would be greatly appreciated Tia -DD


Top float switch controls the stopping of the feed pump. So you want that to flap upwards. And stop where your flood level is. (That varies on your pot sizes for plants)

Bottom float switch is to stop the return pump when the buckets at it’s lowest limit with the pump still taking in water.

Each float switch is wired in to the negative side of the corresponding pump. And into the sonoff basics. Both sonoff basics need to be spurred by a 3rd relay that works with your light schedule to stop the loop timer feeding at lights out.

I sent this little pack out to a mate in America the other day to build his own system. Was considering piecing them together and selling them on so people can just buy the buckets/mesh pots and pumps their end and build their own. Naturally with proper instructions @dankitydank1976


Nice idea @Colanoscopy. It will help us less technically minded folk out in a big way. I’m still a little undecided on what route I’m going to take. I’m really lazy as you well know :rofl: I may just go the autopots route like I’d originally planned.


thank you very much sir , im still undecided too to which way i should grow this time around , but still looks a lil complicated for me , as i know nothing of these sonoffs you speak of ,


what would a ball park price of this kit you may put together to sell cost?


I’ll put you a kit minus fan/filter together for £300. Basically a built light. You would need to pay any additional shipping on top of course. Sorry for the vague responses folks im out and about at the moment.


Sorry mate for the wifi flood and drain kit. I will send you what you see for £50 4x less than the IWS flood and drain control bucket. I misread Earlier @dankitydank1976 which is why I was trying to avoid replying :rofl:

With a 3rd sonoff. And tell you step by step how to do it. It is honestly really simple once you’re made aware of what does what