1st and/or 2nd grow around 2009

This was my first and maybe part of my second grow from around 2009. Hard for the pics to jog my memory exactly.

The space was big enough to run 4 x 1000w HPS easily, but my budget at the time allowed for only one and a clone box. I fixed some white vinyl around the perimeter of the plants to help focus light more directly on them. Never had any issues aside from spider mites, and a week newbie harvest… I used the Marijuana Horticulture book by Jorge Cervantes almost exclusively. Had some success and from the pics, not memory, some decent strains. There was one that knocked everyone of those out of the park. She was the only mystery and straight fucking amazing. Everyone loved it. She was perfect. (think… the guy who programs the lady in the red dress in the first Matrix)

When I logged onto OG I found some of these old seeds and tried to start them up… If only… Cheers.

This is her. If memory serves me correctly, she wasn’t a large yielder or particularly strong smelling, but solid. She was hot butter knife, paper towel roll material. I’m tearing up:cry: