2x600W 12x Chronic another monster from aero

Hi all,
BOX 200x120 , 2x Amazon, 12x clones Chronic Serious seeds.
Mterop MR1+MR2 and Calgreen

6 days of veg and 61 days on 12/12
I use 1,5L Pet flask to comparison

One plant !!!



Nice buds kcb! :heart_eyes: What was the yield per plant and total yield with your setup? These last two photos are from the top buds (seems small to me in comparison with tops on the photos above)?

I not counting individual plant, but final result was 1330+ i cut every bud, before drying, because i am scary for mould.

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Beautiful girls, beautiful colors, good luck

good job as usually :slight_smile: keep it up