3 Purple Ryder #2 Feminized Autoflower From:The Joint Doctor

Oops turns out I can only post 1 Pic @ this Time??? Bummer I Have SOOO MANY! I Will Have To Get A message To Our Leader Lemonade Joe & See If He Might Help A Brother Grower Out Here. lol. I Know He Will HE ALWAYS DOES Eh!
I’d Like To Thank Any & All Whom Like Or Even Show Interest In my Gear & Or Grow Ahead Of Time Here As being
As Old School As I Am. “Gratitude,Honor & Integrity Above All” I Look Very Much Forward To Getting To Know As Many Other Growers & Users Of Medical Marijuana As Without These There Could Be No Community.

“I Wish All The Greenest Of Grows & Heaviest Of Harvest Always”
:evergreen_tree: Sincerely: Don :evergreen_tree:

Hey Don, sorry for that, it was your first post and system has some limits to prevent abuse. I’ve raised your trust level, so you can post normally. I’m looking for your pictures!

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No Worries Joe, I’m Going To Start This From The Germination Stage Through To Harvest, I’ve Yet To
Weigh Evey The Last Of The 3 Purple Ryder #2 Feminized Autoz. I’m Very Much Looking Forward To Trying This One As I Was Tempted Several Times To Crop & Cure Evey As With Her Sisters However, I Knew It Just Wasn’t Time To Do So With This Gal Yet.I Kept Watering Her Every 3 or 4 Days Until Finally, She Stopped Drinking & Her Trichomes Were As Milky White As Can Be. I’ve Yet To Grow ANYTHING As Beautiful As This Truly Amazing Looking & I’m Certain To Be The Most Tasty Of Medical Marijuana Plants That I’ve Grown To Date.:sunglasses: I Hope I Can Do Them Justice Here
I’ll Do My Best To Show Pics Of My Soil & Nutrient/Supplement Line As I’m Unable To Obtain FoxFarm Potting Soil Here In Canada. A Problem I’m Working On Resolving At This Time. Until Then However, My Hand Mixed Soil Is What I Do To Provide My Galz With The Proper Nutrients etc, They Need Throughout Their Entire Life Cycle. It’s My Hope That I Might Pay It Forward As Much As Is Possible With Regards To Growing Medical Marijuana As I Myself Not All That Long Ago Was Clueless As To Know How To Feed & Water Marijuana PROPERLY :blush: If Anyone Has ANY QUESTIONS & Or INPUT Even Criticism When Constructive That Is, Is Welcome Too. Now My Brother Grower & Newest Friend Lemonade Joe, I’m Going To Start Uploading ALOT OF Pics Here & I’m Certain It’ll Take Several Visits & Plenty Of Work For Both Of Us. I Am Truly Grateful For All Your Help Brother. I’m Certain That This Will Be The 1st Of Many Grow Journals I Share With You’s Here On Overgrow.com Alrighty Then Brother Joe Lets Get This Party Started Eh! :sunglasses:

                      :four_leaf_clover: Sincerely: Don D. :four_leaf_clover: 

<img <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/b/ba2f22bbbca1684e0406bcbba0bde41366a17998.JPG" width=“666” height=“500”<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/a/a86ed193e6114645b546bc0a6abc5437c0ba05b8.JPG"

Here I Transplanted My Pretty Galz Into Better Pots With Plenty Of Worm Castings & Other Nutrients & Supplements As Well. You Can Literally Feel Your Soil Come To Life With Microbiological Life. Then You’ll Really See Your Ladies Flourish Wondrously Indeed. The Very First Time I Did This Soil Mix & You’ll Develop YOUR OWN RECIPE MIX Depending On What Strain Your Growing & Whether It’s Indoor, Outdoor etc.etc. Now I’ve Tried A Few & I’ve Ended Up Back Using Botanicare Nutrient & Supplement Line Of Natural Organic Ingredients. I Mean They Don’t Shout It From The Rooftops However,They’re Products Are Made Specifically For Growing Marijuana OR They Just Happen To Be The Most Liked By Said Plant & Who Am I To Argue With THAT? Give Them A Try They’re Quite Reasonably Priced Too. If Your As Lucky As I Was Last Year & Just E Mail Them & Tell Them That Your Going To Try Their Products & Could They Send You Some Samples & Budda Bing, Budda Boom. Joey Budafuco Here’s Most Of What They Sent Me & Let Me Assure You These Products Worked Wonders. Honestly Try Them & U 2 Will C What I Mean.

Now My Soil Is Very Crucial When It Comes To Pot Size A 5 Gallon Pot Is Mandatory To Me Minimal. You Want Your Roots To Have All The Room & Then Some To Be Sure. After All They Are Pretty Important For The Health & Welfare Of Your Princesses Throughout Their Entire Life. Oh & I Just Used 3.5 Gallon Pots On MY LAST/This GROW & It’s Cost Me Dearly In Yield To Be Sure. In A Hurry? No 5 Gallon Pots On Hand? THEN WAIT UNTIL NEXT DAY GET 5 GALLON POTS! Live & Learn. As Long As It Never Happens Again Then All Is Well Lesson Learned. Stings Like A Bi— But I’ll Survive It Eh! LMAO… Anyhooow, back To Soil Additives. Bat Guano Is The Best Fertilizer For Marijuana & Finding It Here In Ontario Canada May Be A Bit Difficult Indeed. Here They’ve Discontinued The Sale Of It. Once I Got Wind Of This I Bought Every Kilo Of It Off The Shelves Of The Only 2 Grow Accessory Stores In Town. So I’ve Got Myself Covered For A Decade Anyhooow. OMG! “Sorry Folks I Get Side Tracked Now Again Eh, It’s Got NOTHING TO DO With The Purple Ryder I’m Smoking At Present Eh” :blush: :innocent: :sunglasses: OK Here We Go It’s Here I Suggest All Serious Growers & Cannabis Connoisseurs Alike To " READ THE CANNABIBLE by: Jason King It Has So Much Advice & Tips With Regards To Marijuana & The Origin Of Every Strain Of Cannabis Available Today & How & Who You Can TRUST To Sell You The Genuine Article. Oh & It’s How I Found This Very Community Of Growers Here So There’s That! I’ll Attach Some Pics Of The Additives I Use In My Soil Mixture. If Your Fortunate Enough To Live In The USA Your In Luck As FoxFarm Soil Is All You’ll Ever Need Soil Wise At Least. For Those In My Situation As Well Here’s A List Of The Ingredients FoxFarm Uses In it’s Potting Soil. Well I’ll Do First Thing In The Morning After Breakfast That Is.


oh man how i wish we spoke before you spent money on those nutrientsXD the nutrient companys dont want you knowing about kelp or neem seed meal. mainly because both those will defeat any nutrient company out thereXD plus they cost pennys

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Lotus defiantly knows his stuff I’ve also heard seagull poop is actually better for bud than bat guano I’m not sure about this tho

Hey Don, just let the photos coming, rest assured our server can handle it :slight_smile: :movie_camera:

I was once too big fond of CFL for experiments see my thread
What is the wattage output of the LED? Is that some branded LEDs? :label:

Its nice to have whole line of Botanicare ready for action :slight_smile: nice bottles for “sampling” (truly generous company) :slight_smile: :thumbsup: From UK fertilizer brands I really like Hydrogarden Vitalink line, specially their organic line, but they have changed it few years ago and are not producing it anymore. :frowning:

When using 5 gallon pots (really huge), you must be repotting few times to get the plant really use whole medium. You probably know already that roots tend to grow downwards and to the sides keeping the middle of the pot without use, so it is recommended to repot to bigger sizes gradually.

I’d vote also for Bat Guano, it’s incredible source of PK. Here in EU it is regularly supplied and also available in liquid form (under brand Guanokalong).

Good luck and I’m looking for more pics…!
Green regards!

BTW You mentioned having prescription card in Ontario. That is amazing to have the possibility to smoke legally… Does your prescription card allow you to grow also?

Our Government has yet to set up Exactly how the Permit for Growing will be worded & limit of plants per patient etc.etc. However WE CAN LEGALLY GROW. The Canadian Government has told any and all Law Enforcement agencies that They Are NO LONGER TO ARREST & OR CHARGE ANYONE
for Possessing or Growing Marijuana. At the very worst they may have you destroy them IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION For Medical Marijuana. Also, If one is only Growing 6 or Less Plants Law Enforcement HAS NO INTEREST AT ALL! Even with NO Prescription. Oh & now you can just go to one of our Fitness Centers here in Ontario and get a Legitimate Medical Marijuana Prescription for FREE No strings attached just WALK IN & 45 minutes later U Have Your Card. I Know Right? It’s truly amazing.
Hopefully this will give you a clear picture of how it works here in Canada. I really do enjoy chatting with you Joe it’s GREAT that You being ADMIN. Still having time to interact so well with Newbies Like Me.
Please continue to do all you do here Brother You’ve got a Well Oiled Machine Running As Smoothly as can be.Great Work Joe. I look forward to getting to chat again soon Brother. I’m attaching a few pics here one of my New LED I’m Saving for & a couple of me in my FusionHut/tent they are safe to post and Thank U So Much for catching the play on the pic of me I accidentally posted of myself last week Joe.
Seriously Brother, I am very grateful for that. I’ll be Mucho more careful from now on NOT to do so again however it’s Great to know your there Just in case Joe. Thanx Again. :sunglasses:

                                     :deciduous_tree:  Sincerely: Don D. :deciduous_tree: <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/b/bdf5577d8df493642e93328f80b45fb3316c9cc7.jpg" width="160" height="160"><img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/8/859cc9e0621f5fb53f6e73baccd3993afafaad53.JPG" width="375" height="500"> <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/3/3077a4735e43c5d7a828b303e0df5e89b5948738.JPG" width="375" height="500">

Bat Guano Is Much Better For Marijuana Growth for it’s ALL NATURAL Properties just to name one of the reasons & All the Old School Growers I grew up around and chat with online these days feel the same. However some have Their Own Recipes and I Support that Big Time! Pretty well EVERY GROWER has their own Personal Touch & recipe for their Medication.Thanks for any and all comments in any of my posts
Brother Grower. I’m always glad to see new advice and other thoughts and feelings in regards to
ALL THINGS ABOUT THE GROW! :slight_smile: Thank You for your input Brother Grower always welcome.

                                                        Sincerely: Don D.

Not sure what happened yesterday but I somehow messed up the upload of sooooo many pics. I’ll see if I Can resolve that now. My Bad. Now that’s over with I hope I can find pics of My FoxFarm Soil. I saved the empty bag the soil came in & I took pics of both sides for situations such as this right here. Now, BEFORE I have my morning dosage of Medical Marijuana
a.k.a. “Wake & Bake” as it’s fondly referred to here. Do you use this term as well? I only ask as it’s a Universal Language these days (Marijuana Lingo) lol… Anyhooow, back to the FoxFarm Soils Ingredients.
OMG! “I did it” I had to go through about 2400 photos however, find them I did, YeeeeeHaaaaaw! lol…
Now when I first recieved my Cabinet for Growing Marijuana I was literally clueless as to just
How Important SOIL IS TO THE GROW! Now I know thank heavens and I consider it a Foundation to the Grow & full pun intended there too. lol. It’s now my pleasure to share these pics of FoxFarm Soil & Ingredients therein.

In above pic These are 4 unkown Sativas that my cousin brought me a year or so ago and I’d taken it upon myself to revive and Grow them into Healthy and Very Potent Medical Marijuana. In fact that reminds me. I believe my Daughter probably still has some of it left as she always does such things for her Dad Sweet Angel that she is.
Anyhooow, back to FoxFarm & Kelp Meal,Fishbone Meal & Bat Guano. (thanx for the website hookup Joe for the liquid form Great Site) back to the Grow. I’m trying to give everyone the info here in order of Growth etc.etc. With Joe’s help here I’m Certain we’ll put together a Legible Draft eh Joe? LMAO. OK Back to Grow for real this time. Ummmm, would it be terrible for me to take a slight break here for my Early,early mid morning dosage of
Awesome, I didn’t think you’d mind thanx all. Be right back. See, real quick as you can see by the Trichomes on this Bud that a few hauls & I’m Good 2 Go Eh! lol. Seriously though Broken Coast Cannabis is by far The BEST Medical Marijuana Producer In The WORLD in my Personal Opinion anyways. I’ve smoked Marijuana from All Over The World over the past 40yrs & “I’ll put my Reputation as a Cannabis Connoisseur on the Fact That The Master Growers that Grow Broken Coast’s Medical Marijuana are of the BEST ON THE PLANET to be sure” If You’re Ever In British Columbia Canada, Ladysmith to be exact. Drop in on Steve & Sara The Husband & Wife Team that Own the Establishment.
They’ve somehow aquired some pretty amazing Growers to help them Produce & Provide SUPER GRATEFUL CLIENTS Such as Myself the most Incredible looking & Tasting Cannabis EVER! I’ll add a couple of pics I took with my iPad Air 2 to give you a more Detailed Look See lol.
These are just a few of the strains that they offer. Sorry if I went a bit off track there Joe I’m quite passionate about my Medical Marijuana Producer is all Bro.I went through many before finally finding them. Okay,Okay I’ll get back to more Grow pics. OMG! I almost accidently left the site accidentally.I don’t think I’d have recovered from that Brother.
Seriously. I injured my left wrist this morning & am typing one handed so there’s that! I must admit Joe I am having a fun time getting to chat with and post some new pics & info for the site. I have tens of thousands of pics I’ve taken personally over the past 5yrs to be sure. Not sure how many I’ll post however I’m certain the ones I do will give a very precise look At my entire set up. I guess I should start by explaining here that I start every Grow in my Yielder Max Grow Cabinet that
I purchased online from: www.cabinetgrow.com check out their site. I’ve had mine for 3 years & it still works like new. honestly this Cabinet is Top Quality Equipment. Now they’ve made even more improvements with
Upgrading Their Lighting to LED. I’m seriously thinking about ordering the Earth Cab Pro Soil & Hydro.
I can’t even believe i just said that eh! Before I became a Broken Coast Client I wouldn’t even dare smoke Hydroponic Medical Marijuana under ANY Circumstances. I Know right? well it was true. Now However I’ll not only smoke and bake & cook with it I’m actually looking forward to Trying to Grow Hydroponically. WOW, did I type that out loud? LMAO.
I’m going to take a break here for awhile Brother Joe. No worries I’ll be certain to get back here later this evening to post more pics <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/2/280d14c8927e2a51037b7c57e1d8cbc5700b50b4.JPG" width=“666” height=“500”
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/4/4699bc2f3dce80fbe20d1260922a0522f6819636.JPG" width=“666” <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/e/e0ac98ee6b4e121f0d1e15c5d0b84474d5d9b7d9.JPG" width=“666”
ok ok, that’s it for me for now Joe. My eyes are as dry and blurry as they come my friend. I’ll be back at it later today though to be sure. Besides it’s time for my Meds too. I hope all is well & good with you & yours Bother Chat again soon Joe. I had to add some of my Optical Illusions here for you to check out brother. and a couple of my Medical Marijuana Producers Strains Too. As You can see The Lasqueti (God Kush) is So Amazing my friends accuse me of using food coloring to turn the buds so purple. lol… Hope you like the pics so far. I look forward to hearing your input when next I check in Brother. Stay Well.

                                     Sincerely: Don D.:sunglasses:
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looking great dude. toss the botanicare. you have all ya need with the kelp meal! check out your local feed store. animal owners use kelp meal all the time. its amazing for cows, horses, lamas etc. 50 lb bag costed me 75 canadian. then order some neem seed meal from neemresource.com go to your local brewer supply and get 2row malted barley. get those and oh boy you will grow some TASTY meds!!

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No worries lotus I’ve only purchased the Clearex & Cal Mag + the rest of it I had sent by Botanicare FREE & Shipping etc.etc. NO CHARGE. When I Purchased my Cabinet from www.cabinetgrow.com It came with the N17 line by Botanicare for beginner Growers. Now as far as throwing them out. I think Not. 1st of all The Cal Mag + is Mandatory for R/O water & Clearex Flushes ALL unwanted Fertilizers out of The Plants. I Truly get the whole saving money etc.etc. I just think that you maybe should check out the Products & what’s In Them especially the Liquid Compost Teas etc. They DO have some Truly Organic & Natural Products. Also the Only reason I say this is my Cousin also a Brother Grower… Researched the hell out of Botanicare’s products & NOW He won’t use ANYTHING BUT Today! He’s Won some Truly Sweet Prizes & Such with his Potent & Sweet Tasting Sativa’s He’s Grown Indoors In Soil with it. I mean It Can’t be all that Bad. Besides to me I’m Going to Try Joe’s Recipe & hold off on the Botanicare This Once. I’m Old School & Stubborn as F— However, I’m also Open Minded too. So, how could I Not give the Admins Idea a Go Eh! lol. :slight_smile:
Please take No Offence as I mean absolutely NO Detriment what so ever I assure you lotus. I’m Always open to opinions & Suggestions. Especially Yours that Save Money. I’ve had a long standing relationship with Botanicare and I get a wee bit upset when they get viewed as useless or non essential. Please keep the advice coming though Brother it’s always Great to hear other Growers thoughts & Ideas.Thank You.

              Sincerely: Don D.

Alrighty Folks Here We Go Again Eh! Hope you all enjoy today’s pics.

t rtrfg
“I cannot believe this Joe” Seriously I had all the pics up to this point right here where I’m typing this now. Somehow I truly screwed up and the web page closed on me. Well, I lost it for real. I was certain I’d have to start from scratch again as Happens when the EXACT same thing happens on 420 Magazine. I know right? So Please allow me to Sincerely Thank You for making my whole day today Honestly, had I had to start all over again! I don’t think I’d have been able to come even close to this much effort after this Brother. “THIS SITE IS AWESOME” I’m never leaving now Joe you’s are stuck with me now to be sure. :wink: Oh and no worries about the above pics as no one can identify me via these anyhow and besides that, I’m Legit anyhow. So Unless I post an Obvious descriptive one Joe just let em fly through Brother.
Please & Thank You. Well, I’ll get back to posting some more pics and then It’s time to catch up on all the episodes of my favorite T.V. shows because I’ve been HERE! lol. My Old Lady even says somethings amiss as she hasn’t seen me
“OUT OF THE MAN CAVE IN DAYS” :wink: :smiling_imp::innocent::sunglasses: That’s the one there.


Cal mag isnt mandatory if you have enough calcium and magnesium in your soil. Along with some tm7 (7 trace minerals) your good to go. Plus spring water is way better then r.o. unless doing full hydroXD And if your only running kelp and what not you wont get any salt build up or have the need to “flush” your soil:) ive checked out the whole botanicare line its like advanced nutients. A big rip offXD but to each their own. I just like showing people that you can spend less then a dollar per cycle on “nutes” and grow better bud then any nutrient company out there can get you:)

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OK I’m losing my mind mixing up messages etc. Anyhooow, I’m seriously going to try this method if for no other reason than to see which does BEST here. I’ll most definitely need much more info measurements and such. So if your up for it I’m willing to give this Method of yours a Go. Here’s a couple picks of the Cured & Dry Marijuana I’ve Grown with My Soil & Botanicare.

height=“500”><img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/5/532bc5cd8e6f9ecb1fda0eb40d3cfa788d8e87a2.JPG"
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/b/b6186d7455d3b253c006ebf7127347cb7a3d17b2.JPG"

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looks great dude. i know botanicare has great products forsure:) i would absolutely love for you to have a pot for no till and a pot for botanicare. that would be a great test!

“That’s It Then It’s Settled” 1 for 1 it is Brother Grower. I’ve also got some Purple Kush & Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds as well. Should make for an interesting Grow to be sure lotus. :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree: :wink:
Oh I was wondering if where you live are you able to order Extracts & Oils Or Hashish online? I just recieved my package I ordered to get me through the Holiday Season. Here in Canada it gets right freaking Mad here at this time of Year. I use to be quite the Festive Fellow myself when the kids were much younger and such. Today I Much Prefer to just lay low in
THE MAN CAVE lmao. Seriously though the hustle and bustle is a bit much for me nowadays. I mean I have my Smart T.V. & Internet and my Best Friend/Dog Georgia what more could I ask for? Oh almost forgot the Most Important Ingredients.

see it A few of the above nugz along with a wee bit of honey oil and hash should make for some sweet smoke indeed eh. lol. :sunglasses: I wish that ALL Governments Would just stop spending mad money on anti Marijuana Crusades and START PROFITING Instead from Making CLEAN NATURAL ORGANIC MEDICINE if not for the Common Sense of it,
Then do it FOR ALL THE CHILDREN WHO’S LIVES WOULD GREATLY IMPROVE! Oh and lets not forget how HAPPY the citizens would be. I Feel that This WILL EVENTUALLY HAPPEN. I mean think about it. What Government Observes 2 Nations Legalize & Promote the use OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA. When everyone’s sees all tell of the Huge Amounts Of Money being saved and also MADE TOO! Well There’s THAT! "So Hang Tight Brother & Sister Growers there’s
A NEW DAWN A RISING to be certain. No one would have predicted or thought it would ever be accepted as a Medicine never mind LEGALIZED & Sold By the very Governments that Criminalized It and Imprisoned citizens for just using it.
When you really think of it you should get some hope for there is in fact a light at the end of the tunnel now.

                                Sincerely: Don D.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/0/0c567cd1d3f5e91712604bb8b0afddb5e3a33fe2.JPG"


Duuude thats hilarious we both order from HD. I love that place. I tried horatios thc-a isolate it was pretty sweet

What does HD stand for? I order from White Palm or Broken Coast only? However If so That is Truly Hilarious indeed.

HempDepot, I’d wager.