What brand of nutrients?

I’ve only had one successful grow before this so I’m still figuring stuff out. My first time I used Fox Farm nutrients and don’t get me wrong, it worked great, I just want to know if I could have gotten the same (or better) results with cheaper nutrients.

I’m starting a compost pile and looking into worm farming in my back yard with the goal of being as organic and homemade/cost-free as possible within maybe the next year, but for at least this now I’ll have to use bottled nutrients.

What are you all using? And for those of you that went the organic route if you have any worm/composting tips or recommendations on what to get that would be cool too.


For growing in soil, and keeping cost down, and making it simple - Mega Crop is very hard to beat.

Its a 1 part powder you have to mix up yourself, but its very easy. I dont like Mega Crop for hydro growing, but it did great for me in soil.

There is a long thread on here about them. You will see the usual spread of folks who love it and those who hate it and everyone in between. The majority like it just fine.


i like megacrop because it has everything already included like enzymes, silica, kelp, etc so you don’t need to buy anything else.

the only other nutrient i’ve ever used to compare was one or 2 grows with maxibloom powder
for all stages of growth, sometimes adding epsom or molasses. maxibloom worked great and is also cheap but it doesn’t have all the extra stuff


so after you start using this which its organic you can add other stuff like rock dust reuse the soil and amend it with worm stuff so it a good place to start???

I dont think they missed anything?? Water perhaps…

Trace Elements

What is Azomite?

AZOMITE is a natural mineral substance which is mined directly from its Utah desert source. OMRI-Listed for organic production, AZOMITE can be used as an agricultural fertilizer and/or soil amendment product, It is easy and safe to use and good for the environment.


Everything and more…


I like mega crop also yet not as an all in one package. Slowly switch out mega crop for general hydroponic koolbloom powder. At the beginning of flower. Always keep Epsom salt on hand too. Other great additions are growmore jump start, fulvic acid power (kelp4less is a great supplier), growmore hawaiian bud (in tiny amounts), a root inoculant Xtreme Gardening (for veg) raw nutrients bloom microbes, honey for carbs and last but not least silica.


I don’t use bottle nutrients at all fish emulsion would be the exception why pay for water ? I like DTE products and there all- purpose is great IMO Homemade EWC and compost that’s all ya need IMO.


I suspect that every brand of nutrient on the market today would work adequately on cannabis plants.
Every grower eventually develops preferences and brand loyalty to some degree.

A big rule of thumb regarding all nutrients is that less is more.Start with a little less than whatever recommended dosage you are considering.

Once you get to learn to know your plants, you will be able to intuit what and how much they need.
I prefer dry powdered nutrients (non-cannabis) myself.

Good luck and have fun.


Thanks for all the tips. Everyone on this site is so helpful!


I kinda do the no till thing seems to work out you have to build your soil mine took over a yr to break down and still could go but its damn fine soil
I use fox farm soil and organic bag nutrients
Top soil
Bio char aka pure charcoal
Bone meal blood meal
Let it sit out side and let nature run its course


How much do I add for 5 gallons?? Not sure

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Here’s their feeding schedule:

Probably a good idea to start at like 75% as strong as they say then work your way up if the plants want more.

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I was thinking one solid teaspoon of each in a 5 gallon water jug and slowly increase every week. so next week up it to 2 plus i got some in veg and bloom so separate mixes…can i run lucus method with these?? what do you think teaspoon PER gallon? or go a half per gallon

Maxibloom, silica and microbial mass. (Add 0-0-50 last 2 weeks)


ive gone through several brands and at one point i had 15 bottles on my shelf, wtf.

im another one for megacrop, works great in my coco setup, and im moving it to my new outdoor area next week. i keep a bloom booster and epsom salt on hand but it makes things very easy.


I have decide 2 teaspoons of each into a 5 gallon jug and feed…works out to less than a half teaspoon per gallon. Should work…we’ll find out

ya i’ve been using megacrop but my buds always turn out midgrade, or at least they aren’t as dense and frosty as the bud my buddies get from the black market (altho i’m sure the density is due to PGR for at least 75% of it)

i’m not sure if it’s due to the nutrient regiment tho or just the fact that i grow from seed vs proven keeper clones they are using for commercial runs … idk man

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I used to use this religiously, minus the microbes and bloom booster.

It DOES work, and well, and is cheap. I 100% believe it can match anything on the market.

I moved to Dyna Gro because of slightly easier liquid formula and less calcium than Maxi (hard water), but Maxi gets it done. 1 tsp. MaxiGro or MaxiBloom in veg, 1.5 tsp Maxibloom in flower. I used silica as pH up, but also for sturdier healthier plants.


Phospherous is for bud density in flower etc if it’s low in your ratio in flower then your will have non dense buds
Higher n in flower will also fill your buds/colas with leafs
Just because a plant is leafy and dark green it does not make it productive or produce quality buds
: )



Getting that tattooed onto the palm of my hand…lol


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