400MH bulb position (vertical vs horizontal)

hey guys how can you tell if a 400MH is universal postion on the bulbs?? I want to put the bulb sideways instead of up and down…can i do that with regular 400 bulbs??

all the bulbs have that thin white thin in the bulbs one doesnt…so what happens if i hang the bulb wrong?? boom or does it burn out…any experience with that??

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Check the box or the manufacturer site as it should state the burn position: horizontal, bud(base up or down).

I’m pretty sure it makes no difference but would definitely work best sideways with a reflector

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I ran a vertical 400mh Hortilux Blue in a parabolic for vegging for years with great success.

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Here are the codes. They should be on the box the bulb came in, and sometimes on the metal socket part of the bulb. If you don’t see it you could type the bulb model into Google and see if the codes come up.

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Thanks guys i figured it out…on the bulb base there will be a letter “U” for universal or “B” base up. Also Im doing some reno’s here and going with a flower room and a veg room. I’ll be using tarps that lumber comes wrapped in. Its light and its also light proof. Box of staples and super econo…I think I’m planting seeds in to rich of soil. I revegged NL and the Sensi Skunk. The Skunk is a very forgiving plant…it will be nice to flower her out and see her in all her glory. The male is gone and there will be seeds. Low odor strain BIG TIME…I think odor and potency go together. Like peanut butter and jam…imagine a peanut butter and jam sandwich right now! Anyway…things seem to be going well over here.

Got the bulbs horizontal now…couple of them.