Latest Home de Pot LED bulb

I’m always looking for an easy way to start seedlings, flower a male, or stick a few plants into random closets and nooks in the house. I love the way simple LED bulbs at the hardware store have been getting more efficient over the years.

Here’s my latest favorite bulb - 5000K Philips 20-watters that produce 2175 lumens. A friend of mine uses these in springtime to veg his monster outdoor plants in 5-gallon containers with great success. The plants stay short with thick stems. He maxes out the containers under the bulbs and then transplants outdoors and gets 12-foot high sativa bushes.

also I found this cool website that lets you convert lumens to PAR - according to this, each bulb produces ~38 PPF which would be around 1.9 umol/j which would be the most efficient bulb I’ve found so far:


Efficiency gets way better when you pop the top off, too. Nice find, good looking out.


yup, the diffusers block some of the light but they make it less harsh on your eyes to work around the bulbs.

These aren’t the cheapest option either, they have nice Cree or “Ecosmart” bulbs for less $$ but they’re less efficient. I like the big size of the Philips ones too, they seem to run cooler.


Yeah if you were to build an array of those you’d get a pretty killer light


Just found three at my local HD Store, ordered three. Thanks for the tip, @Muleskinner, OG move, for sure. SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray:'s


Yeah that’s sick. Thanks if I ever go back to using those for more than veg again that will be better than the 9 or so smaller ones I used before. Even though the 14w are awesome…i did 4 of these in a 2×2…with 10 14w.:v:t5:IMG_20201225_151959_163


looks like it comes in 2700K also at 2175 lumens, you could mix those in for flower.

Found the specs on the Philips site…both the 5000K and 2700K appear to have huge spikes in the red, good for horticulture :grinning: Jah!!


Those are sweet. I use the 14 watters in my veg room and I was really impressed with how powerful they are, these must be intense!

In a couple years these and larger LEDs will likely be alot more common and cheap. 2-5 of those could make a nice small easy grow for anyone.


Gonna have to check these out. Gonna have to talk the wife into letting me upgrade my grow so I can get a few of these to play with.

cheaper to go with the base 8 or 14w ones as its $12 or so for a 4 or 2 pack respectfully and still dimmable now when a year or two ago they were non dimmables and they work quite well

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Reporting back on the $12 Philips 20 watt bulbs. I got my new Apogee meter and did some testing with LED’s I have of known PPF quantity (my Fluence Ray22 and Philips Greenpower flowering bulbs).

The PPF per Philips bulb appears to be around 32 PPF, which would be 1.6 umol/J, not 1.9 as I hoped. So they’re still useful but not getting near the efficiency of horticultural diodes or quantum boards/modules etc. Also I got the exact same PPF numbers for both the 5000K and 2700K Philips bulbs. It would probably get closer to 1.9 umol/J if I pried off the diffusers.