Advanced Nutrients pH perfect sensi coco

Was thinking about switching from GH Maxibloom to AN’s pH perfect sensi coco. Anyone hear using this that can give me some feedback can this be used with tap water or do you need to use distilled or RO water? Would I still need calmag+ I’m growing in coco/perlite mix hempy buckets.


I’ve never used the AN stuff, although I know others on this forum who have who might chime in, but I did run Maxibloom in coco for a year or two with good results, which makes me wonder why you’re thinking of switching? Is there some specific benefit you’re looking for with the AN stuff that you aren’t getting with the Maxibloom, or is it just the pH buffers?


I used AN sensi grow and bloom for a good couple years. Expect dense af nugs of absolute disappointment. I wouldn’t recommend it myself. (Good for learning but there’s much better nute lines out there) it doesn’t keep your pH at the sweet spot. Its chelated with EDTA which means the nutes are more available at varying pH levels. If you do go with AN look for a decent finisher (I use dragon force)


Thanks for the reply. I don’t mind GH maxibloom it’s cheap, last forever but salts can be an inconvenience when they absorb moisture and harden like a rock. Been seeing some people on IG using the sensi coco with nice results and I’m coming to the end of my maxibloom so I was thinking of switching to something that comes in liquid form and if it really does keep me from having to mess with pH up and down then I’m in.

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Yield is good but if the quality is gonna be junk then I’m gonna have to pass. I should have also added GH Flora series and canna Nutrients I know these are also possible choices


I used AN PH Perfect for a while in an effort to help wild PH swings, but it didnt work all that well for me. I even added extra PH buffer (MES), which helped but it still couldnt keep my PH stable.

I switched to Jacks 321 hydro and the PH is now rock solid. Added bonuses are no precip, or build up on any surfaces, tubing, etc, no bacterial growth, no algae, so I can use about 1/10th of the pool shock I was using, and the rez stays perfectly clear and sweet smelling.

Plus, its about 1/10th the cost.

It is a little more trouble mixing up three parts, (I make my own bottles of concentrate) but more than worth it to me.


Yea I need to get a Rez going so I can just make enough for the week instead of making small amounts every other day. It’s more about what’s easiest for me to use then the price cus I’m a small grower for my self so even AN’s smallest bottle will last me a couple grows and not put a dent in my pocket.


I used them both, flo and grow when I started back up for about a year. Works with tap or filtered water, as far as feeding. The pH adjusters will not bring it into the correct range if it is too far out to start with. Store filtered water around town runs around 6.5, tap runs 7.5. It would adjust RO okay but the tap water range would remain high at 6.5+ when used as directed. With my normal feeding mix (1/4 strength at every watering) it did nothing to affect pH.

Magnesium content is too low for coco and showed deficiencies so I had to add cal mag with filtered water and epsoms with tap.

I bought into the marketing and because we were starting a local co-op and I knew I would be doing most of the work on 3 grows and thought it would be easy for new people to get started on. All in one would be great if it worked, but it will be a hit or miss on pH depending on what you start with and you will still need a mag or cal mag supplement too.

Liquid or powdered nutes doesn’t really matter. still have to measure and mix one or the other. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. I’m currently using RAW NPK nutes to get through the last of my coco then going back to organic soil.