Alcohol-free Cannabis Beer

It would be nice cracking open a cold one of these after work…


I want a case!

Ninety Nine



I must have the most unevolved sense of taste I just can’t get into beer in general. U would love to try this though :slight_smile:


At least for the novelty of it. More than 1 or 2 drinks and I get badly hung over anyway.

Love the concept.


I homebrew and I’ve been dying to do this someday. I think the most effective way would simply be adding some bud to the secondary fermenter for flavor (like dry hopping) and then spiking it with an alcohol tincture (to actually get you high). The resulting brew would technically be illegal, but probably not a problem as long as you don’t sell it. It would also be a pretty strong beer, probably around 8%-10% ABV.


That was my first thought too, but I’ve heard it makes it green and nasty. I would just extract with cold ethanol and use the extract in the secondary instead. I hate to say it, but the only way to mass produce the product would be to just use distillate and (non-cannabis derived) terpenes.

Or just spike the beer with the terpenes for flavor/aroma but no THC. For the other end of the spectrum…

You guys may be overthinking things. You would just add bud to your boil for a predetermined time at flame out. Dry bud it for aroma. Done!

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The article says they used stems and roots and it ends up at 6.5mg THC. I mean, they’ve got to be using some buds, right?

They are us8ng s diff process as they aren’t making beer. It’s more of a cannabis beverage. My comments refer to those pursuing cannabis beer.

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Making an ethanol tincture is not really complicated and the solubility would be higher so you would probably need to use less bud. Seeing as it’s pretty common to pour a shot into a beer (depth charge) I wouldn’t mind the taste of some liquor in my beer for a stronger high. But you’re right, both ways would work and the way you mentioned would lead to a more authentic tasting beer instead of a fortified beer.


I’m curious if boiling is enough to extract any cannabinoids. They are non-polar after all. Sure after the fermentation there is ethanol. It is something that would require some experimenting. That’s a thread I would watch. :+1:

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Go for it, you won’t be disappointed! I’ve had great results brewing CannaBeer. Pale Ales, Porters & Stouts.

That works best for more robust beers, adding a new flavor/aroma component.

Not necessarily, imho. I brew a HIghPA at 6.5 ABV. It’s an all-grain clone of Two Hearted Ale. I only add 2 oz tincture to 5 gal. No bud in secondary. The beer isn’t green tinted or odd tasting. It works out to 29 mg thc/12 oz. You must warn people of it’s potency. My max is 2 bottles :dizzy_face:


My guess is that since cannabinoids aren’t water soluable, they would cling to the side of the kettle, like hop sludge. Most wouldn’t make it into the primary fermenter. Just a guess.

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How much bud and liquor do you use for your tincture? Do you decarb your bud? 2 oz into 5 gal seems to be a good amount to avoid a big change in taste.

@ReikoX has an excellent thread on making tincture. Not Just Another Tincture Thread
I use 1 oz de-carbed bud & 16 oz 195 Proof Everclear. I use the cold extraction method, and boil down at 165 deg.F, till I get 4 oz tincture. 2 oz for edibles & 2 oz for beer. Without “dry-hemping”, hahaha, I can’t taste any weed in the beer. The hops mask it. Life is good!

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No clinging when adding at flameout. I’m on my third batch thus far and got things dialed in to about 10mg per 12oz. Very effective. Dry budding only gives a slight complementary nose along with the hops.

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Just curious, are you doing lab testing on it, or is this some kind of estimate?

Mine is an estimate @ReikoX. I use 15% THC in the calculations, since I can’t get the weed tested. I’d be surprised if the actual THC content was lower. To make alcohol-free beer, I’m thinking one could boil off the alcohol (8.32 oz/gal for 6.5 ABV) in the finished beer between 160 - 170 deg.F, and then force carbonate it before bottling. Any and all ideas are welcome & encouraged. :beers: :dizzy_face: