Answers for a LED build

I have read many posts on the subject of the, all around the internet you could easily get lost or lose interest… There are so many conflicting posts …… Here is a ex… you will need 8,9,10,14,16,18 strips which one is right
Im looking for some direct answers for a build.
These are the boards I will be using BXEB-L1120Z-35E4000-C-B3
Thanks in advance to all who read this and reply……….

  1. How many EB Series Gen 2 strips will I need to cover a 4x4 area (a room)
  2. What size driver(s) will I need
  3. Where to purchase Strips and Drivers (without a tariff fee would be great)
  4. Spacing of each strip

Bro I have a similar space 40 in x 40 in
I need to replace my light soon so I’ll be watching this closely thanks for posting
Also what kind of connectors or Solder



Tariff into usa or elsewhere?


to USA …,

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We have a thread here for the EB strips. Cheap LED Strips : A Viable Alternative

Depending on if you are vegging or flowering with them or both. A 240W driver and 16 X 22 inch strips on the frame covering a 4 ft by 2ft area. One will be equivalent to a 600W HPS light. I have one and it works very well in veg and flower with 3500K I am just looking at building another.

Its easier to have 2 lights than one big one so you can have different height plants in the same tent/room.

Set your country for the correct price.


My designs for a 2x4ft light are available in the above thread. Everything down to strip spacing. Just double it


Even as a proponent of the bridgelux strips, for a 4x4 id still take a look at some of the prebuilt led units out there on the market as may make your life a bit easier for a bit more $$ depending.

As for what and how much to run if going the bridgelux root id say factor to run 35-40w a sqft higher side 30w sqft low side, but either two XLG-240’s that you could overdrive a little if you wanted to, or three of the XLG-200’s

Strips wise if going for the 4 footers “1190mm” you would run 8 per xlg-240 and or 7 per xlg-200

Spacing that you could figure out based on how many strips you run, as for where to order digikey

Also you won’t probably get around the tariff “Trump Tax”, just what is is for people in the states.


In s 4x2 would it be better to use the shorter strips and make two 2x2 panels rather than 1 4x2 just for the ability to move them separately, or am I over thinking it


no id be using the 560mm in a 4x2 myself as well, make two frames for if i wanted to make them adjustable, or one big one if i was just running cycles. Also typically the 2 footers “560mm” you can sneak a extra strip onto the driver vs the 1190mm, which the XLG-240’s are an example of with only be able to run 8 of the 1190mm but 17 of the 560mm


Sweet… I like adjustable