Anyone ever tried Cryo Cure

This is just what we all need. A freeze dryer to go with that nifty pen, and the humidity device, and the ‘vaporizer’ that inhales for me and the light meter that tells me the light is on.

Wow! Who knew growing a weed could be so complicated.


Yes, who knew. Probably not the right thread for what you are looking for.


Growing cannabis is as simple or as complicated as we want to make it. some of us are into gadgets (like me) others are happy with a watering can and some good ol soil.

Show me those shiney gadgets.


Has anyone tasted buds dried in this manner? Just wondering about the taste. ANYONE…ANYONE AT ALL.???


My first thought too. Curing is far far more than just making buds dry.

Yeah, this would be the test. I can foresee commercial ‘minty fresh’ buds being available and marketed as better than dry-cured…


So you have done this with dry ice and was there a chlor taste? How long in the freezer? I

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I first read about it Jorge Cervantes indoor outdoor grow Bible.

I’ve done the dry ice and Tupperware trick, took 3 days for the dry ice to finish sublimating in the freezer.

I put broken dry ice on the bottom, used a piece of aluminum door screen and bent a tray to put the buds on. And snapped the lid on, poked like 2 small holes to vent. This contraption was put in a freezer and took 3 or 4 days to finish.

It’s been a few years, and I wasn’t impressed. The smoke was smooth, but the funky flavor man… reminded me of my grandparents farm.


Hello Everyone!
Thank you for all of the love and interest in our Cryo Cure process. We just became aware of this conversation and wanted to answer some common questions and concerns discussed.

Cryo Curing is NOT like traditional freeze drying. It is our proprietary, patent pending process that preserves terpenes, trichomes and THC PERFECTLY, within 24-36 hours after harvest. And…in some cases, increases them. We have extensive lab testing to substantiate that we are happy to share with anyone interested.

The Cryo Cure process completely removes chlorophyll. It is evident when you experience flower that has been Cryo Cured. The visual appeal and the flavors are astounding…and the experience is like nothing you will receive from traditional cure. Our process suspends the Delta 9 and CBN, the cannabinoids often responsible for giving you a couch lock effect. Users experience cleaner, inspiring,energetic and “sparkly” effects. Once you try it, it’s hard to go back to traditionally cured cannabis. As a cultivator and processor, it’s an essential tool that is sure to be in every operation in the near future. We are proud to have enthusiastic endorsements from Ed Rosenthal, Danny Danko and Rick Naya.

We just finished our new video…enjoy and hope you all have the pleasure to experience Cryo Cured flower in the near future. Come see us at the Michigan Cannabis Cup on June 8th and 9th, 2019!



I have tried cryo-cured buds and they are superior. Smelled great, tasted superb, looked phenomenal.




Good to know! Thanx for the reply! I’m loving the fact that it completely removes the chlorophyll.

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