Anyone ever tried Cryo Cure

Saw this at a convention recently, the cryo-cured buds looked amazing - it’s a machine that freeze-dries buds in 36 hours. shrinkage is greatly reduced over regular drying, the buds stay the same size and look more like the living flowers.

The sample buds they had looked amazing, has anyone ever tried one of these? I’d love to take some of my flower to be processed in one, I have no idea how much they cost, the smallest one can process 14 pounds:



Looks like a freeze-dryer. Probably could find a way to build/obtain a smaller scale/cheaper version.


Wondering about flavors.

How would this get rid of all of the chlorophyll and stuff?


I wonder if the cold freezes it. I’d also assume there’s loss from any of the sensitive compounds also freezing off though


The buds seemed to be the perfect texture & dryness, don’t know what the flavor would be like. The freeze-dried dog treats made of chicken and beef are great


Now we have to know😅 someone here has to have tried some before


I could imagine a service like dry-cleaning, you drop off a few pounds of fresh flowers and come back 36 hours later to pick them up


They claim to keep more cannabinoids and more terpenes intact compared to regular drying. The volume difference is the thing I’m most interested in. They probably break up BEAUTIFULLY with no sore fingers! :head_bandage: :joy:

(of note: read that basic freeze drying tends to remove terpenes, and the freezing step seems to be done first before the water is sublimated to slow terpene loss, but maybe that part of the article was added to discourage people from doing it themselves and encourage them to buy the equipment)


I know ‘diamonds’ are ‘mined’ through subzero freezing process so seems legit. But yeah not sure I want to dump the tens of thousands I’m sure they are asking for a machine. I’ll just stick with shriveled up less terpene/ thc buds and smoke more


I think a lot of what makes a good cure, is the break down of chlorophyll and countless biological processes. The good bacteria and fungus in the plant would probably die in this process
Then again, not everyone has the same tastes.
I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard a kid say his buds were “minty fresh”, which to me says Chlorophyll and proved so on sample.


There smallest machine does 14 pounds?

Wish I had those problems.

I’m sure the quality isn’t the same, but if u want to try freeze drying u can take a Tupperware container punch a few holes in the lid and put some dry ice in there with some buds.

Put the thing in the freezer.

Dry ice sublimates - carrying moisture off with It.

I tasted some minty stuff going on but I’m impatient.


Yeah I was thinking about the chlorophyll myself


Curing is a matter of personal taste, I’ve always liked the flavor of vaporized buds as soon as they’re dry, 6-7 days after harvest. But you don’t want that grassy, wet hay smell of flowers that are still wet. It must come out during the process.

They brought a huge jar of gorgeous bright-green buds which impressed me the most, the consistency of the flowers was perfectly crumbly with a slight bend to the stems before a snap. They smelled herbal not grassy.


I saw them at The Harvest Cup a little while back. Not sure if that was the convention you saw these folks at. Those machines are legit but the asking price is unreal. Way out of the price range for home and probably most mom & pop businesses. A great device for those that can afford it. :smiley:


I saw them at Harvest Cup too - would you mind sharing the price range on these? I didn’t get a quote. yeah, this is something you want one of your rich friends to buy for sure :smile:


Still quite pricey, but here is a freeze dryer for home/small batches:


VERY cool! made in USA for around $2,000

edit…so you have to buy a separate vacuum pump


I believe the price tag on the smaller models was around $30k. Though I have to admit I was focused on the coffee jar of perfectly freeze dried buds…


I don’t think you’d have to. The small “home” version is currently ~2200 and an oil based vacuum pump is included (which requires regular maintenance).

The oil-free pump is an alternate option that would increase the price another 1K or so.

This is the included pump:

The alternate pump is:


For those with the DIY disease, “How to Build a Freeze Dryer”