Anyone with Hempy bucket experience?

Iv tried hempy cups! Lol and felt like I failed at it miserably. I’m a wicking guy now will be running some in the 16 oz competition … maybe I didn’t do it right kinda along the same line of sip containers from the sounds of it.


It’s not one I’m familiar with but it looks the part. If you calibrate if regularly and always use the storage solution it should do the job. Never let that bulb dry out though.


I will be trialing 3-5 gallon Wicking pots this winter in smartPots I just love the concept of not having to be a slave to watering all the time feel free to check out my threads on wicking system in my grow logs they keep the soil profile nice and evenly moist!


Take it your not in a hot country then lol. Biggest drawback is usually getting those wicks to pull up the nutrient solution at a fast enough rate. Also the standing nutrient mix can be a problem as it loses oxygen.
You ever tried a basic gravity fed drip? cheap kits are available from garden centers, might be worth looking into :+1:


Last year, I went “back” to the “old school Hempy Buckets”…3 Gallon Pails, Drain Hole 3 inches from bottom, 75% Perlite/25% Vermiculite, only needed watering w/MC every 3 days. As I was outside on the Deck, I placed black plastic over top of bucket (prevents algae) Enjoyed the 70’s style grow. No wicks, roots would go crazy trying to get to Nutes. A good “LITFA” method for Autos, set it and forget it!!! Only got a Nickle, but spending 2 cents.


Oh, forgot to mention…I add a small Tomato Cage after the plant has been in place for 3 - 4 days. Push “legs” all the way to bottom of bucket. Wala, no more falling over.


PlaIn water in the reservoir for this guy all my nutes are in the soil already pullEd off a 16 oz cup start to finish with only 1 small top feed of a dry amendment so I thought that was pretty good


I have an HM pen and I just check the calibration after a month and it’s perfect still :+1:


Hempy style is one of the easiest methods in which to grow cannabis, in my experience.

The first time I tried it, I was a teenager and it was the mid 80’s, before it was called Hempy style. I don’t recall what it was called, could have been known as “poor man’s hydro”. Around that same time, soilless wicking style growing was just starting to be a thing.

The last time I grew plants Hempy style was a few years ago.
I used 3 gallon buckets that I bought at the Dollar Tree and drilled a 1/4 inch hole in the side of the bucket about 2 inches above the bottom of the bucket to make the water/nutrient reservoir, then filled them with perlite while adding a clone and watered it in letting sufficient runoff come out of the drain hole.

The plants in this pic are well into their flowering cycle and we’re fed Flora-Duo w/CalMag in 8.1 pH tap water and I experienced not a single problem whatsoever during the whole grow.

The plants in the square pots are soilless medium amended with perlite.
All plants are the same age.

Go ahead and give it a shot, it’s a easy method to follow and you’ll be surprised at how well your plants will grow and harvest!


Did you adjust your ph at all during this grow?

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I am not a hydro grower but I grow in soilless

when I did Hempys I just used jack classic 20-20-20 and 10-30-20 at a quarter teaspoon a gallon

in the beginning I did check I have a Milwaukee meter used it twice

I never had a problem, I did two flower cycles and the smoke was great

Hempy buckets are easy to grow in it is just passive hydro

as said give it a try you will be amazed

all the best



No sir.
I have never pH’d any water for any plants in the 40 years I’ve been growing cannabis.


I do a SIP, sub irrigated planter, using a organic based soil. They are a micro version but are doing well for me. I just keep the fluids up in the reservoir about every 3 days.

It works for me.

Cheers Johnny

My whole page is hempy buckets. Been using them for years. If you have any questions, I’ve done them every which way imaginable.

I think a bottom layer of pure perlite, at a level over the hole, then 50/50 coco perlite over the top of that provides the best results. I like Dyna Gro over dry nutrients, it’s just so much easier, but I used the Maxi series for years.

Yes, check pH of your nutrient solution before you water. 6.0-6.2 is best.


How do you prepare the coco before mixing with the perlite? I just started dabbling with coco, so I have lots to learn. I’ve done Hempy buckets off and on for years. Just started using them again this last grow.

Hey man, just giving you negatives, as something to look out for, not to dissuade you.
Forgot to mention both the hempy and Kratky method, (which is a simplification of the hempy bucket, although a massive one) netted me some of my all time yields by weight.

Definitely worth a try!

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Make sure to rinse well.
Every coco I’ve tried was full of beach sand and probably salt too.


I don’t. I just mix it with perlite. 50/50 works best, IMO.

Usually pH perfect as-is when mixed, with the perlite bottom layer.

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Oh cool. I have a few clones that are ready to transplant. I’ll mix up some coco and perlite tomorrow and give this a try. Thanks!

I used to use pure perlite or perlite-vermiculite mixed, but both are mined minerals and have a high initial pH, which led to tons of flushing and trying to correct pH in early stages. Coco tends to be acidic by itself, such that the 50/50 mix is usually neutral from the first watering. Trust me, I’ve tried every variation of media. Rockwool croutons are awesome but 5 +times the price of brick coco and cheap perlite (the finer stuff is cheaper, coarseness isn’t very important).

Coco is also a waste product, so it’s a bit more environmentally friendly than vermiculite.