Automated hydroponic system with a raspberry pi

Check this automated hydro system. It’s from the designer of a great program for the raspberry pi called Mycodo.

I am running Mycodo myself with the pi camera, temp/humidity sensor inside the tent and one in my basement. I also have my lights being controlled as well. Its not nearly complicated as the above project but it’s a start.


Thank you, I was just getting ready to jump down a rabbit hole on something like this to feed my perpetual jungle a little more efficiently. Would be putting in 3 gallon live earth mix at change over. Goal is seed to 12/12 in under 5 weeks (normal veg for single topping and plants around 10-12 “ for 4-6’ finished plants. Looks like I have some reading to do, are you running the system? Pics please?

I am but at its most basic functionally. Camera, temp/humidity in my grow tent, and temp humidity in my basement. Light control with a relay. I also have a 20x4 I2C connected LCD that cycles through a few pages of info. I have an email alert if my tent gets outside of a temperature range I set.

I really want to implement the current sensor and then I can get real time wattage from the wall, mycodo allows you to put in your $/KWh and it will give a cost estimate at whatever interval you pick.

I’d also like to auto water with a pump and catch runoff to be analyzed by a ph meter.

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There’s a great project i’ve been following on reddit called Pi Grow