AI, Automation & Growing Weed

I started a thread about DWC because I want to find the most effective way to grow weed. For me, soil seems better because its less stops; fill bucket, pour into plants, done.

Whereas with DWC there are multiple other pre requisites and ongoing maintenance not present with soil.

If DWC could be automated, (direct connection to plumbing, series of timers and pumps, a digital CPU controlled interface for monitoring E/C PH etc.) & be made for a user friendly price, I’d switch today.

taking things farther I could see auto trimmer bots and extraction machines, clone cutters seed germinators, all using AI to keep environment at ideal levels.

I’m sure bigger cannabis companies are already doing things like this in various capacities in their operations, but I wonder how long until we can get stuff like this in our tents.

What other things about growing weed would you like to see automated?


Enter the Growroomba :sunglasses:.


I’ve seen this pop up, as far as automation, but I have not really researched it yet.


Also check in on Growduino here on OG.

I’m working on something myself to automate several thing using Home Assistant and ESP32 chips.

Essentially, yeah it’s been done, just pick your platform. Raspberry Pi, Arduino. There are others but I’ve only seen much on those two (Arduino mostly using ESP32 chips).


This is why I’m running grodan cubes now. Top drip into rockwool cubes seems to be the easiest to automate quickly and easily.

Teensy at the moment just tracks temps/humidity and does simple timer - turn the pump on / off as needed (simple timer based).

Still figuring it out, learned trying to follow the grodan ideals didn’t work so good.


Growtaker 9000

Hang it where your light is

Its an AIO ‘smart arm’ with variable spectrum (2700k-5000k) 1000w light built in.

Reservoir insert for watering.

AI controlled computer will scan growroom, take care of all environmental factors, top & prune as necessary.

You still need to fill up the bucket though :laughing: