Grow Tent Environmental Automation

So, I will admit I have a bit too much thinking time on my hands lately, but lately I’ve decided to put it to use.
Since largely what’s standing between me and the automation I want in many projects is learning and experimenting. I will be automating my environmental controls, what all that entails changes over time. The key thought was that perhaps either: A- someone else already did it way better than I could or at least: B- between a few of us we can put together a user friendly system with commonly available parts, much like the LED builds. I have a few thoughts but I won’t waste the space if someone indeed did it!


Sounds interesting. I’m going to tag along.

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My thoughts on the matter is a simple system based on Arduino. Will measure need to measure all reasonably variables- I’m thinking rh, temp, brightness, soil moisture sensors. Depends what probes are readily available and cheap. I would say ph as well but from what I understand the probes do not stand up to 24/7 duty.

So I’ll spend some time looking at getting those measurements and charting them, then work on the basic if/then coding. The main reason I’m going with Arduino is that’s what I have on hand, plus the shield modules make it user friendly, but Raspberry would probably also be good- This is my first automation program. I’ve done little blinky light circuits or similar projects with the microcontroller but I don’t have much coding experience at all, so that’s going to be my stumbling block.

After that it’s simply connecting up some SCRs and outlets. Lots of copper. $$$ Going to be a slow project for me. But I’ll keep you updated!


Definitely check out Growduino - environment control system for inspiration…


Just as I expected! I’ll definitely be using largely that system moving forward. Will likely post any modifications to it on the aforementioned topic.


Even easier for temperature and humidity with the option to switch a relais is Sonoff TH10/16 based on an ESP8266. Out of the box it uses some China cloud I would not trust, but it’s easily (for someone working with Arduino at least) flashable with ESPEasy.

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A good back up- very much what I would’ve done if I had one! I’ll add you entries on it to my reading.

I love the shitty Chinese cloud gadgets, the issue is getting them all to talk together not through me looking at 7apps, or a camera pointed at all the readouts. I was also hoping to not have to actually do my own programming… I’ve never done anything a 3rd grader couldn’t with it. I don’t super want to learn but work with electronics in hobby and in career, it comes up. No need to reinvent the wheel though just to learn- I have enough worries in life. Although sometimes we do have to make it ourselves to under stand it well enough to troubleshoot it. If it doesn’t work I need to be able to fix it, that’s why I love modular designs based. Growduino looks spot on, but damn, now I need to learn hydroponic skills in addition to organic skills so I can have a aquaponic set up. I’m in love!

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If @Ginger_Rick wasn’t off on one of his inter-dimensional adventures, he would tell you to check out Mycodo for the Raspberry Pi. Will do everything you want and more. :+1::seedling:

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He mentioned it to me sometime months ago, I couldn’t remember it’s name! I figured it’d come up at some point here.

I definitely will be comparing the two- I know them about equally, but I do have an Arduino dev board… of course I find the Raspberry Pi much more capable- Arduino is more maker oriented it seems. Not complaining, just an observation.

“the issue is getting them all to talk together not through me looking at 7apps, or a camera pointed at all the readouts.” - yeah, that’s already solved by intrernal webserver nside Growduino (running on OrangePi). all You need for full control is a web browser (PC, laptop, Smartphone - it doesn’t matter). Check it out here Growduino - environment control system . This will also solve “slow project” and many more pain in the ass problems with own system development :slight_smile:

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I have a bit more reading to do, but it’s pretty likely I go with your gear- it’s pretty much what I imagined doing anyways. But with the years of annoyance and tinkering all done, lol. The only is the cost. From time to time I must do things not “ideally” for the sake of budget, because if I can save enough on the cost of material by crap I have around it really helps. I have no money that isn’t spoken for. So might have to wait until next spring for anything to be bought. So for now I just read, and read. Oh, and read.