Autos for trade and one photo strain

Hey guys if anyone is looking to either trade for some autos or if anyone has any free seeds there giving away I have some purple lemonade,wedding cheesecake from fastbuds I also got super lemon auto,purple kush I also have some seeds of a photo strain its a purple punch crossed with some kind of kush lmk


I have some things to offer to trade.

What you got?

I have some gorilla glue and white widow auto. I have some great white shark feminized and mango also.


are any of them regular autos?

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@Patriots781 if you go to this link. You can see my list. Blessings!


I have some Robin Hood or Stripper Shoes to trade for any steady rolling AF strain, especially sativa leaning.
Stripper Shoes is a c99 cross with Sugarberry I bred for PTSD.
Robin Hood is super potent, 9-10wks to finish but the bag appeal is off the charts.

I can also get Orange Skunk Ape, which measures about 50/50 THC/CBD in spectra testing.

Any interest?

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Where are you located? I have a “few” Autos in my stash bag. Stay safe/be well.

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I am located at my location. Wouldn’t you rather PM?


I have a shit load of female indica seeds I wouldn’t mind trading made them my last grow,just normal females not auto flower

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Maybe trade for some autos I’m in good old California,any of these seed last I’ve gave to friends and family have all opened,they won’t grow any bigger than 3ft tall super frosty buds,these plants were unknown strain I had the seeds for about 7 years forced one of the females to grow pollen sacks and made loads of seeds

I’m going to make some autos this grow just started to spray a gorilla glue
Going to cross it with a blueberry and a cream
Gorilla glue/blueberry
Gorilla glue/cream