AUTOS? Anyone wana sell the new OG member their autos?

Anyone here have any autos they have setting back? unwanted ? Freebies you didnt really want ?
If so ill gladly buy them from you :blush:
All the crypto currency for beans I want is to much for me to deal with then the idea of 6 weeks shipping…
I’m trying to make my own auto line!
So variation of autos is a must, please :pray: if you can, only offer up 3+ packs,(hard to find one you like with 1 bean) ill pay before hand but only from trusted members.

PayPal :money_mouth_face: so you know you get paid and I get nice little beans in return.

Thanks in advance.


Check , they have a lot of different autos for good prices .!
There’s even a mix-pack of 20 fem autos ( of 4 different strains in it ) for like £20 - delivery included .!
Good luck with your auto hunt !


Yes they do have a nice selection, but no US shipping

Euro seed banks would be ok if they didn’t have the whole bitcoin shit. I order seedsman over a year ago, took 6 weeks to get beans and had shit germ rate, but seedsman did give me my Ice queen, but a month of travel for beans is rough on them.

Everyone is probably waking up reading this thinking I’m slow or lost, but I’ve seen consistent 3oz turn around in 60 days off a single auto, i think with a year or two of selective breeding and inbreeding, i might be able to have a home bred monster auto, plus who doesnt like to run a auto or two while manifolding their photo girls to perfection, give variety in flavor and occupation of free time.


Hey bro, check out critical xxl auto. This is my second auto. The first one sucked and I got probably a half bag off her. Northern light blue. It was good smoke just small. This one is nice! And super fast and funky. The start of flowering she was real slow to put on weight. The beginning of week 4? Maybe she just started chunking up fast. Their is a possibility she has some beans in her cuz someone around me grew a male. Would you like some if I find them? I have a bunch of other non auto stuff if you would like to check out. I don’t like that autos don’t like being cloned. Sucks.i clone them anyway and just grow a nugget in a cup. Lol



I’m accepting all autos let me know if you find any beans in her.


Will do brother.

Use and translate to English. They have a shit ton of cheap autos. Check out BSF for some good autos for reasonable prices.

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Strawberry ice cream- lots of beans breeders beans
Strawberry kush- 43
Strawberry cough- 12
Blue Dream-8
Bubba Kush-15
OG Cake- 15
Banana Kush 10
OG Skunk 10
Blueberry 8
Amnesia Haze 14
Northern Lights 14
Blue God 14
Lemon Haze 8
Ice Queen 3 very pale but they are there

Blueberry auto 10
Lemon auto 15
Gelato auto 20
Wedding cake auto 20
Cheese auto 20
Ak47 auto 20

What I have on hand
I’ll trade any but the autos, ill send my beans first to more established members! :innocent:


I loved the Critical xxl. I got like 5 zips off my last one. Nice juicy dense buds.


Hey man you should search for the thread about Mark from Strainly. He has 2 different auto libes. One 90 day super auto and 105 day lemon auto.

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I have already emailed him about them thank you!

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Hell yeah. Good call man. I have 2 of the 90 day and a single 105 day going. I have some spotted lime autos that I’m playing around with. Gonna make some more beans for sure. I’ll hook you up when I do.


You remember how long you let her flower? And you have any pictures of her finished up?

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Bro! That is the goofiest profile pic! Lol what are you doing? Get your face off there. You could potentially be making yourself a mark. Just my thoughts. Be safe bro. Lots of crazy’s out there.

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Good looking out bro. I’ve been meaning to change it but haven’t got around to it.

Well… If interested i have some feminized C99xDarkDevil 1/4 autos you can play with if you want i have no plans for them… and by 1/4auto i mean 25% of them will be auto the rest will be photoperiod as they are a second gen cross between an auto and photoperiod, so if you reverse one of the autos and use it on another auto then it will be full auto in the next gen.


check out strainly in general i guess they are closing but you have time to contact folks twisted tree demonic genetics are good and cheap i also have a few autos i can send you pm if interested

edit p.s. lot’s more folks looking for autos lately I like it living that auto life be good keep growing