Basically the only "nute" you need

Seaweed. Its packed with micro and macro nutrients, tons of trace minerals, vitamins and plant growth regulators. It grows up to 3 feet per day so we will never run out. Kelp helps the sea, advanced nutrients does not. Im not gonna go deep into the benefits of kelp for you, your garden, or your animals. But what i will do is show you a simple way to make an instant kelp meal tea. If you fed this tea every watering you could get some amazing harvests!! No phing, no mixing this and that together, no hydro store visits.

Well here it is. This is the clackamas coot instant kelp meal tea!
It is really simple all you do is
Take some kelp meal

and you powderize it in your coffee grinder.

Then take the powder and add just enough water to soak it.

now stir. The kelp will absorb all the water while you stir so add some more untill it doesnt absorb any more. Leave it for 10 mins to let it soak. Now if there is leftover water on top when you let it settle after a stir you want to pour that off (into water to feed your plants).

Now youre left with a kelp sludge

Put this in a mason jar and cap it. Stores in the dark corner of your fridge for a nice while. I havnt had any go bad. Even after leaving it for a few months.

Now when you want to use it you just grab a spoon, take a spoonful or two and mix it with a gallon of water.

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If this is the only nute you need. Wy do you make and utilize all other inputs? Not a trick, an honest question bro.


Because i want more then what i need. I want way more.


How would you use whole kelp as opposed to kelp meal?


well there are several ways. you can dry it out. just make sure to spray LAB once a day to get rid of the stank. or you can mix 1:1 with raw sugar and ferment for around 10 days. you could also make a tea with it. you can “cold” press it for its juices too. im not sure how long that lasts. and while your collecting get a 5gal bucket full of sea water and search up fermented sea water:)


I have seen plants successfully grown from seed to harvest with nothing more than a liquid kelp and a bottle of hydrolyzed fish. I think the company was Neptune’s Harvest. Wouldn’t say it was cup winning bud or anything, but it did the trick.


exactly! the amount of minerals vitamins and nutrients makes it viable as a single ingredient food that grows super fast! add some neem, malted barley, aloe vera, and compost and holy shitXD


After seeing you post on your ex having leaky gut, and my self having lots of intestinal and stomach problems I wanna try some for me!


Do it up man. More people have leaky gut syndrome then you think! And if youve ever taken an antibiotic you need to be taking probiotics!!


Problem is I don’t know how to say Kelp in Spanish. wiki says, Laminariales what do @MadScientist @MiG say? como se dice KELP en español.

  • I already asked my wife but, she didn’t know of course. She is one of those, " how do you know there is a dark side of the moon" kinda wives.

powdererized vinager ? LOL

Se dice Quelpo, pero nadie lo conoce, sera que le podemos decir algas

It’s called Quelpo, but no one knows about it, maybe we can call it algas

If they work dried, i know i can get them at a chinese super market, where they sell all that Ginseng extract and the golden cats (tamako neki) and fortune cookies and chop-suey and all that!

@lotus710 I have a question Sensei.

  1. Can i use anything other than mugwort as FPJ to make FSW? Like spinach or cannabis?
  2. You don’t actually ferment the sea water, just let it sit 24hr to gather microbes and then dilute?

Dry kelp? Of course. Wouldnt get it from there thoughXD




Seaweed maybe? I need 20 characters.

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So you are saying i can just go to the beach, and get some of the algae plants floating with the surf and that will do…?

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Absolutely. Wash the salt off and it can be blended fresh or dried and powdered. Different types have certain characteristics that make it better for one thing or another. I believe most warm water kelp is highest in Cytokinin, which encourages cell division. The ascophyllum nodosum seaweed that grows in the cold Atlantic waters is known for being high in Gibberellins, which encourages cell elongation.

I was taught to spray a kelp foliar on mother plants regularly, on the basis that Cytokinin increases cloning survival rate and rooting speed.


If i take pics of what i get, could you elaborate more on the subject, maybe you recognize what i am getting from the beach and tell me what it’s got…


Anyone got the exact NPK values for kelp?

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Kelp (1-0.2-2) fast release 15g/sq ft, taken from