Bodhi Seeds - Goji OG Crowd Source F2 Preservation (closed)

I dont think i ever posted in chat my position.
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Thanks for adding more spots. Gogi is a big favorite. I was sure I signed up for this co-op but when I checked a week or so ago, my name wasn’t there. Hmmm. Just out of curiosity, if anyone did a screen shot of sign-ups, could you look see if “goatrock” is on there. Thanks.


Sometimes names get accidentally over-written when other members edit the wiki. If you can, re-add your name to the list.


@BudWhisperer That was the first thing I did. Thanks for your interest and have an awesome day.


Just so I know, where do we stand in the queue now? And are more beans being breeded for this? Curious on time expectations and details , etc.

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Have you signed up? The seeds are all shucked and 300 packages made so far.
This is a co-op run and they will be in the fall box.

how does the Co-op work
How to sign up

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Yes ma’am. Thank you for the links. very helpful.


Signed up…Would love the opportunity to have a go at these…thanks to all the hard work everyone has put in to making these available to this beautiful community :green_heart:


just FYI our wonderful G-paS is a “Ma’am” :wink: :point_right:


So I’ve been sampling my 6 phenos and have started to settle into some favorites. Two clones have been culled already - G3 because it was too unstable and picky, and G6 b/c I’m not after bad breath, funk, pine as the dominant smells in a Goji OG plant.

Between the last 4 -G4, G2, and G9 are my favorites. G4 seems to be snow lotus dom - its the most fruit forward, but the taste doesn’t linger as much as I’d like, and the plant was the floppiest thing I’ve ever seen…comically floppy. G2 is super pine dominant - with the strongest flavor and exhale, and has hints of licorice I’ve noted a few times. G9 is the “classic goji” pheno in my mind - pine forest with sour berry, similar intensity of flavor as G2 and lingers on the palette. I still need to test G8 some more.

I haven’t mentioned the highs yet - b/c they’ve all had excellent hybrid highs! I’ve noticed very little anxiety, good for mid day outdoor adventures, and good for chilling at night too. A few times some creative euphoria as well which is excellent. Main note with high is there’s an at peace quality - often with a quiet mind, which is awesome for me haha.

So provided G8 didn’t morph into something amazing in the past week or two, I’ll be doing a deeper dive into G9 and G2 to see if I prefer the high on one over the other. Both will get run again for bud - especially G2 as it was a smaller clone, G9 was nicely productive and bushy on the clone run. Here’s a pic with G9 on the left, G2 on the right.


Nugs look good, smoke sounds good.

Speaking of that:

That’s one of the last Goji f1’s I grew. Woke up, opened the tent and there she was, ended up like that overnight. Luckily, that was day 70 and I was planning on chopping her that morning anyway. Still, I’ve never understood Bodhi’s description of Goji as an “OG on a sturdier frame.” Every Goji I’ve ever grown has been, like you said, comically floppy.

Good weed, though haha…


Haha its true - all 6 were floppy… and g4 was twice as floppy as the other 5! spaghetti branches!


no good OG has good branches, the weaker the spaghetti the better the OG


Would love to sign up for fall if still room.

Nex420 :us:

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Edit the wiki in first post if there is a spot


You click on the little pencil/edit button at the right bottom of the first thread. Then go to an open number add your name leave a space and add your flag. Either you can type : and country name if it comes up as you type. OR click on the smiley at the top and search for your flag.

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Edit: I see you got it :smiley:


Just an update to this. The plant has straight all purple stems, the whole thing is purple. Also it is a male…nice vigorous plant. :grin::grin::grin:



Have a peek at the stem under a bud (where it will not see the light)…
I’ll bet a nickel it is green… :+1:

I was surprised to see that on the Jamaicans I grew and since then, on others.
It got me wondering if the stems would be different on plants grown outside.



I got a couple of purple stem, too. two out of four. These were made by @syzygy.

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Those just need more Cal-Mag :rofl: