Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi Preservation Project In-house Special

This Community Projects #1 Main Goal is the preservation of rare or discontinued genetics while also releasing them to the community FREE of charge, and we want to honor Bodhi and his hard work and sacrifice by freely sharing and preserving his work so that future generations can enjoy it as much as we all do now

To volunteer, either message Sebring or edit this post to add your name under your chosen strain.
Growers are needed to do a seed run for:

Apollo 13 x Apollo 11
Breeders: (TBD)
Donators: 50states
Link: TBA

Prayer Tower Sativa
Breeders: (TBD)
Donators: 50states
Link: TBA

CBD Blessings
Breeders: (TBD)
Donators: SteppinIntoTheLight
Link: TBA

Barefoot Doctor
Breeders: (TBD)
Donators: SteppinIntoTheLight
Link: TBA

Breeders: (TBD)
Donators: SteppinIntoTheLight
Link: TBA

Future breeders: riahgorf_1 in March 2020

Current members helping, and in what capacity;##

Pure Kush (Suge) x Uzbekistani Hashplant
Breeders: HeritageFarms
Donators: 50states
Link: Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 Pure Kush (Suge) x Uzbekistani Hashplant: CLOSED!

Mothers Milk
Breeders: Silverhaze
Donators: 50states
Link: Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 Mothers Milk - closed

Blue Tara
Breeders: Bongedtobits (went AWOL :scream:)
Donators: 50states
Link: Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 Blue Tara - Attempt 2! Closed

Lucky Charms
Breeders: MomOnTheRun
Donators: OrganicGorilla
Link: Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 Lucky Charms

Snow Lotus Bx v.1 F2
Breeders: GrowHard
Donators: GrowHard
Link: Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 Snow Lotus B

Goji OG F2
Breeders: GrowHard
Donators: GrowHard
Link: Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 Goji OG

Goji OG S1
Breeders: MikeM
Donators: MikeM
Link: Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi S1 Goji OG

Blockhead Bx F2 – Cancelled For Now
Breeders: ukpollenchucker
Donators: ukpollenchucker
Link: Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 Blockhead BX -- Cancelled For Now

Blood Orange F2
Leader: Fuel
Breeders: MadScientist
Donators: OrganicGorilla
Link: Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 Blood Orange

Tranquil Elephantizer F2
Breeders: Fewding
Donators: Craigson15
Link: Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 TE Remix

Sunshine Daydream F2 – GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED
Leader: MadScientist
Breeders: Sebring
Donators: Morgwar

Dragon Blood Hash Plant F2-- GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED
Leader: TinyTuttle
Breeders: MomOnTheRun
Donators: OrganicGorilla
Link: Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 DBHP - Give Away Has Ended

Current strains being worked on individually for later donation (self reported by growers);

Jungle Spice F2-- GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED by @lefthandseeds Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 Jungle Spice - Give Away Has Ended
Skunk '91 F2 – GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED by @Craigson15 Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 Skunk '91 -- GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED!
Sunshine Daydream F2 by @Dewb
Fat Cherry Hashplant F2 by @lunchpale

Projects recently completed;
Orange Sunshine F2 by @50State

Projects that have been completed and stash depleted. (Someone needs to create another generation)

For all concerned, our original muse MisticHaze has successfully set up his “Seed Run - Vote for your favorite strains” project, with details below:

Herijuana by Sannie’s Seed
Leader & Donator: mistichaze
Breeders: Dr_Jekyll
Link: Seed Run Co-Op Herijuana - Thunderbirds are Go

I think we should all just be going with the flow and create the new generations that we feel like making. If this becomes too structured its not going to be enjoyable, and will fail.
Six batches of the same strain by six different breeders will not produce the same babies. They will have value no matter how many other people make the same exact cross
Dedication by Hoodini
This project is dedicated to bodhi for his years of hard work and his dedication to this glorious plant and sharing it with all of us…
To the community, who without you, this project would never exist. . .AND
To my grow mentor who motivated me everyday to try to better myself and others, without him I would not be the man I am today. . .RIP. . .


I’m interested in helping with this project :evergreen_tree:


I’m feeling possesive of an emoji. :thinking:

:evergreen_tree: :point_left:


Awesome let’s see who else is interested


Can I help at all? Folks


Did you get them back? Doesn’t seem like the normal CS pizzazz :seat::popcorn::eyes::v::clap::beers::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::christmas_tree::+1:


Everyone is welcome to throw there name into the hat. . .we can either vote or let the gracious seed donor-ators pick.


Edit - 3 breeders . . . One runs f2 of SSDD one runs f2 of DBHP and the third runs the DBDD cross. . .
SSDD f2 breeder gets 6 SSDD seeds the DBHP f2 breeder gets 6 DBHP seeds and the crosser will get 4 of each


I would also like to be included :seedling: This is an awesome collaborative project…love it!


This sounds a lot like the Pay It Forward group and the #circleofsharing. :slight_smile: Stop the hoarding, stop the extreme profiteering, and stop the fuckery so common in this industry. We can all band together to stop it by not charging anything for sharing, just sharing freely from our own bounty.

Good plan! :slight_smile: I’m in! The more, the merrier.


Exactly what this is all about! No one should go with out just because they don’t have money, and if we as an OG community can group together and do this and be successful, then I could only hope it inspires others, everywhere to do the same. . .for once let’s prove that we care more for this glorious plant than the money to be made on it :+1::v:


Hola Gang

I am thinking about inviting Bodhi

for the occations

let me email him and see what

turn up



You’re well placed imho to say than the Bodhi crew is very generous and don’t hesitate to throw free seeds of good stuff like santa claus.

Now i’m happy than a crew is forming with such a nice final goal, a rain of seeds for our community. Inspiring.


Tell me everything about this project. Im interested.


I can’t do any breediyor crossing until January to help, but my seeds are yours.
If we get enough volunteers maybe we need more strains.


As a hoarder i don’t think i can qualify but i do wish the best to all of you and congratulate you at the same time for such a noble cause. OG is an exceptional place to hang out at. Even with all the drama.

Also wanna say thanks in advance for the efforts, time and resources that will be dedicated to this good project.

Sci :robot:


What a good idea.

Maybe speak to the breeder before you proliferate his genetics all over the globe, possibly in a way they might not want to have happen.

Be respectful in your pursuits.



Hola Gang

Invitation sent

Let see what happen



So if picking a breeder is needed I will state what I think is needed and invite others to chime in. There’s a lot of people who will want f2s so the mom or mom’s need to be big plants.
1.Can you veg for a solid 5 to six weeks?
2.Do you have space for a 5ft or taller plant?
3.Do you have a isolation space for a decent sized male untill the third week of the female flowering.
4.Can you wait an additional 5 to six weeks after pollination to harvest.
5.Are you up for cleaning 3to 5zips of seedy bud?
6. Are you familiar with the strain or one of it’s relatives.


All I can do is watch on this cool AF project as I do have room to make f2 but the f2 I want to make are not what other people want to grow as I want no branches etc for SoG growing.

Happy Days.