(complete) Snowhigh Quicksilver Seed Run

Hi gang,

it’s finally here, the thing we’ve all been waiting for… the Snowhigh quicksilver seed run!

Im a sativa lover at heart and after many hours of research I found out about snowhigh and some of his rare and unique lines that he preserves as well as used to make some amazing hybrids.

Quicksilver fits into the mix as a sativa dominant hybrid with an interesting pedigree. This line was sold as old stock with low germination rates advertised, and they are no longer for sale.

Since I saw his old stock germ rates going down for other lines, I decided to prioritize this strain over some of the others I have with hopes of extending / sharing the line so I can do my part to give back to this awesome community.

So far I have 4/30 that popped but 1 of those is a bit of a runt. I was able to source additional beans that should be en route shortly :crossed_fingers:.

My plan is to veg the 3 or 4 I have going, keep the others soaking to see if any scragglers pop up, and then pop all of the others I receive as soon as I get them.

I plan to run an open pollination in my tent, and I’ll likely throw the seed moms and dads out on the balcony for additional seed production.

I’ll use amended super soil and depending on how many I get to pop will determine pot size.

For germination I used a combo of peroxide soaks, scarification, and seed cracker to diversify my chances.

I look forward to this and thanks for the vote of confidence! Cheers :call_me_hand:

Here is breeder description:
QUICKSILVER: (Metal Haze x C99 x Acapulco Gold x C99)

QuickSilver is a frosty strain I created using a mother from a line originally called Cindy 99 by the Rev. One of my favorite strains. The Cindy 99 or Metal Haze F1 x C99 creates smaller plants with good sized buds to small floral clusters, with heaps of crystalline stranding trichomes with a peach and white luminosity. The harvesting of these trichomes creates a mind warping cartoon filled fantasy, which will have you hiding in corners or diving for the safety of your bed covers. Smoking a bowl of trichomes will definitely bring the light into your smoking room, a real day or night enlightener. The buds of the Quicksilver are similar having a genetics match with the Cinderella 99 influence, giving phenos of Pineapple yum!, Grapefruit, Citrus and the odd rotten Indica pheno which stinks but not in a good skunky way… The Acapulco Gold really adds some fund and smiley influence to the drool inducing effects of the Cindy99. Happy and hilarious highs, with loss of time and speed calculations. Makes you feel like you’re flying down the freeway when you’re barely going the speed limit. People who smoke and drive with you may ask you to …Slow Down!! Only to tell them you’re going 55 mph.

QuickSilver stinks, has great bag appeal, yields well, a favorite among local growers who want to show off their QuickSilver plants.

Flower time range 8-11 weeks

Stretch 1 to 3x

Resin production: high

Odor: 8

Aroma: Honey Suckle, grapefruit, Pineapple, rotten fruit

Potency: 9

Heirloom Tropical Poly-Hybrid


Please read documents linked above prior to signing up.
You must read THIS Post BEFORE signing-up or risk losing your seeds.
This run is very limited and spots most likely be filled. When this happens we start at TL3 #1-75 to fill them than if we still have seeds we Start at TL2 #1-75 this is why if you leave spaces you it may not get you seeds.

TL3 Members:

  1. @Mr.Christmas :us:
  2. @zephyr :us:
  3. @ifish :uk:
  4. @allotment :eu:
  5. @Kgrim :us: REG EM
  6. @SerialSquishy :us: REG EM
  7. @LonelyOC :sweden: REG EM
  8. @Piter :eu: :es:
  9. @Weednerd.Anthony :us: REG EM
  10. @CrunchBerries :us: Reg EM
  11. @tiocranius :brazil:
  12. @potpotpot :us:
  13. @ramblinrose :us:
  14. @SEMOActivist :us:
  15. @Longtooth :us:
  16. @Tracker :us: REG EM
  17. @PineTarBastard :us: Reg Em
  18. @Cormoran :us:
  19. @Natea :us:
  20. @royal :canada:
  21. @Ris :us: REG EM
  22. @Pigeonman :canada:
  23. @Maddawg :us:
  24. @Tripl3fastaction :us:
  25. @buckaroobonsai :us:
  26. @NDNCHILD :us:
  27. @Cbizzle :us:
  28. @deeez99 :us:
  29. @habitt :us: reg em
  30. @FattyRoots :australia: REG EM
  31. @ix3u :us:
  32. @Uprangewilly :us:
  33. @HeadyBearAdventures :us:
  34. @Rhino_buddy :us: REG EM
  35. @Guitarzan :us: REG EM
  36. @Sbeanonnamellow :us: REG EM
  37. @magrowers :us: REG EM
  38. @Gpaw :canada:
  39. @Kasper0909 :us:
  40. @Loggershands :canada:
  41. @DougDawson :canada:
  42. @Dirt_Wizard :us:
  43. @patsnumone :us:
  44. @Tejas :us:
  45. @Draig :us: REG EM
  46. @420noob
  47. @AppalachianBiscuits :us:
  48. @CocoaCoir :us:
  49. @FieldEffect :us:
  50. @moka :us:
  51. @Hapi :us:
  52. @Mrgreenthumb :us:
  53. @MissinBissin :canada: REG EM
  54. @Kcity87 :us: REG EM
  55. @OhNo555 :us: REG/EM
  56. @imstinky :us:
  57. @boatbum325 :us:
  58. @alwaysnoob -Asia-
  59. @repins12 :us: REG EM
  60. @Cranio :australia:
  61. @Kushking902 :canada:
  62. @Hapi :us
  63. @jessethestoner :canada: Reg em
  64. @parttime :us: reg em
  65. @willie :us: regEM
  66. @Tuned :canada:
  67. @GreenBhoy :uk: REG EM
  68. @HollySun91 :brazil:
  69. @iceman :india:
  70. @invisible :australia: REG EM
  71. @Bizzaro :us:
  72. @LoveDaAutos Reg Em :us:
  73. @Yetigrows :canada:
  74. @Emeraldgreen :us:
  75. @ShiskaberrySavior :canada:

TL2 Members:

  1. @Faithisyours :eu:
  2. @Hemlock :us:
  3. @Kyumonryu :canada:
  4. @ervasagrada :brazil:
  5. @turtlewerm :us:
  6. @BuckeyeBeanz :us:
  7. @Vesti :us:
  8. @cannaloop :canada:
  9. @Zolorp :us:
  10. @tamimes :netherlands:
  11. @laquiqa :us:
  12. @donuchee :us:
  13. @Green_Light :us:
  14. @Tao :us:
  15. @TricycleOfDoom :canada:
  16. @pharmerfil :us:
  17. @cannasseur :canada:
  18. @ClassicGenetix :us:
  19. @Heavenlygoo :us:
  20. @DGCloud :us:
  21. @punk77 :brazil:
  22. @ottafish :us:
  23. @Zett :us:
  24. @Butustank :us:
  25. @Fitzera :canada:
  26. @Greenup :us:
  27. @lzboy :canada:
  28. @weedcvlt :brazil:
  29. @FPunk :brazil:
  30. @paoleschi :brazil:
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  68. @unomas :us:
  69. @I.am.human :us:
  70. @Granola :canada:
  71. @duo :canada:
  72. @InTheWoods :us:
  73. @stanknugzz77 :us:
  74. @ChongoBongo :us:
  75. @likeparm420 :australia:

First! Pulling up my bean bag and loading the bong to pass around this is going to be a good one with those lineage I’m sure you are going to find some special plants thank you for taking this on and preserving this strain stoked to see the show much love and happy growing!


I’m here for the show!!! Let’s see em grow!!!



Pass that bud…hack hack…excuse me.


I was just today listening to his interview on The Pot Cast. A really good one with some amazing information. And he talks a bit about this cross, as he used it in other crosses as well.
Stoked to watch this grow.


Sticking around!! This is gonna be a classic plant and I’m excited to see it.


I’m gonna pull up a chair back in the corner :+1:t4: :v:t4:


Hope you don’t mind if I find a spot with the others to follow along. Super cool project, John’s a great guy.


So wait, he’s selling low germ rate seeds? How would one go about getting some of those seeds? Is he selling them at a discount? I can’t imagine him selling low germ rate seeds for $300+ a pack.


Thanks for taking a seat at the table! Pressure is on :sweat: now I need to deliver the goods!

@Habitt he was but this was over a year, maybee 2 ago that I got these. They were in the $20-$30 range at that time but he gave way more than advertised and he also gave some as freebies.

He said the germ rates dropped even more so he stopped selling them altogether. I can attest to the low rates as I did heroine and grim creeper, maybe 80 - 100 seeds between the two and got 0 to germ.

These are no longer on his list and he was transparent from the beginning so, I got what was advertised, which lead to my desire to repro these :call_me_hand:


I’ve seen a few of his seeds on seedsforme listed under $100, would those be some of his old stock?

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Gonna tag along fo the ride! Good luck with germination of those fine beans and your repro.


Happy to see this one happening. Good luck with the project

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Great preservation project! I wish you all the luck you need + a bit more :blush:
:seedling: :seedling: :seedling:

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I’ll be watching this for sure! :star_struck:


That sounds wonderful…
Thank you for your efforts brother…
This looks like a train i wanna get on LoL…


That’s sounds like a mighty cross. The “feels like your doing 100but barely moving” part is awesome sounding.

Thanks for taking the time and space to repro these for us!


As always, sounds like some legendary landrace genetics from Snowhigh… thanks for taking the time and spending the money to do a repro for those of us who can’t count high enough to fathom his legendary prices. :wink:


Dope stuff, I tried germinating 5 Oaxacan seeds from Snow High and they all failed. Will be watching along!


Nice!! Best of luck on this run! Off to at least a start, hopefully some more of those beans pop up soon!