can i just put dry nutes on top of the soil and then water?

we’re talking about 3tsp of maxigrow or bloom at the base and water with 3 gallons

its based on that guy, i think eric gracia? the famous weed grower with the books, i saw that youre supposed to pour liquid nutes on the bottom of the water feeder and just add water, guess it doesnt damned work for dry nutes because on wet surfaces, dry powder sticks, and yeah, i got a damned ph imbalance cause of it, but i fixed it i hope

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I think i would mix into the water as intended.

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I mix dry nutes into soil and use that to top dress my pots. Of course I have to top water then for it to be effective.



I think I’ll just stir

Are they chem or organic?

When I was a juice junkie, I’d mix up in a container to check PPM’s, and let it sit over night before using it, to recheck the values, before using it.
The big O, I mix up a batch of medium, add in my NPK, and the Micros, some benificial’s, and store it in pair dedicated Rubbermaid trash cans.
Once the organics need reapplied, I mix up dry flowering nutes, top dress, before I add either a tea, or simple molasses water.
Watering, I do from the top down, a few times, then I flood only, my oversized saucers, a couple of times, they always suck up the fluid in a few minutes.
Best to ya!

Gaia Green organic

I leave enough room so I can top dress a couple times. Usually I just use the 2-8-4 Power Bloom.



Well, just found out a shocker, maxi gro isn’t ph buffered so my mother plants all have deficiencies, so I’m back to floranova so I don’t have to ph (floranova ph’s to 7.0 after adding water)

Strength, Simplicity & Performance. General Hydroponics FloraNova Bloom (4-8-7) works as a specialized nutrient to stimulate exceptional budding and blooming in plants. Superb for both hydroponic and soil cultivation.

From google
• Provides the strength of a dry concentrate and the ease of a liquid
• Extremely easy to use
• Outstanding for all plant types
• Superb for hydroponic, soilless and soil cultivation
• Super concentrated and pH stabilized
• Optimum nutrient absorption from natural humic extracts

Last time I ph’d flora nova it was at 6.5ph I think, but adding nutes destabilizes ph if I recall correctly

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