(complete) Kashmir- A place for my Freaker grow

I will be starting my first hopefully successful Freaker run of Kashmir with seeds from @Upstate

He warned me of low germination ratesx. The first 10 soaked 24 hours. paper towel 24-48 hours. I only had Two crack and one break ground so far.

I dropped the second group of 10 a couple days later. These were soaked foe 48 hours. The first three to crack where in the towels another 48-72 hours. These three all broke ground quickly.

So fingers crossed these four grow strong and we get more. I have little hope for the first 9.

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You must read this Post BEFORE signing-up or risk losing your seeds.
This run is very limited and spots most likely be filled. When this happens we start at TL3 #1-75 to fill them than if we still have seeds we Start at TL2 #1-75 this is why if you leave spaces you it may cost you seeds.

TL3 Members:

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Good luck @G-paS


Thank You @MyLittleGrundle !

:green_heart: :seedling:


You got this @G-paS! I believe in you!


I have plenty more seed. Lets get at least 10 plants if possible. Whatta ya think?
I’m happy to see green😁
Let that substate get nearly dry. Water. Nearly Dry, repeat etc. These are wild seed from a semi farmed population. That basically means that locals have been selecting plants from a wild patch for a while and eliminating plants they don’t like. So these seeds are used to germinating outdoors. The wet dry cycles help mimic what happens in nature. It’s almost like they have a trigger and they need to go through a certain amount of wet dry cycles which over the years has been calculated by the plant to mean that it is time to grow. A heating pad would definitely help if you aren’t using one.
Remember my attempt with Lolab Valley and 200 seeds yielded 2 plants…i think we’re looking good! With those wet and dry cycles I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more pop


Good luck on the grow


Best of luck with this grow @G-paS


Niiice! Count me in as intrigued :+1:


Aww yeah! You got this @G-paS !



I took a couple seeds out. One was black inside so figured too wet. The others had shells still hard. I start wet and let dry with a little misting on the top. The other of the first that cracked is showing growth but just not up yet. How long should I give these before I cry out for more :smile:
Now I know you have more I will try to help these. Just to learn more about germing seeds with low rates to get the best out come.

My flower tent holds 12 small, crowded plants. I like nine nicely spaced plants. If we got 9 ladies, I have another tent to raise the boys and crowed them to do there thing.

:green_heart: :seedling:


Good luck on your venture.
Hope you make many beans! Lol :v::green_heart:


I would like to throw this out there for input. With losing my last plants, I have thrown every thing out (soil, plant matter) I have been tearing ever thing out and sterilizing.

I want to make a brad new batch of soil with ProMix HP. I have used coot mix in past. Any body have advice for a new mix.

:green_heart: :seedling:


Right On @G-paS tagged for follow :sunglasses: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :peace_symbol:


You got this @G-paS , enzyme water works pretty good for old hard to germ seeds if you want to try it all you do is take some lagume (bean) seeds untreated, and soak them like you are going to germinate them soak them overnight or at least 6hrs but overnight is best and strain that off and use the water to germ/soak your pot seeds with it’s full of enzymes for germination just a tool for the tool box :slight_smile: and remember have fun don’t stress no worries :slight_smile:


I use Ful-power a fulvic acid product. Can that be combined with enzyme water?

:green_heart: :seedling:


Yes it can.
I use h20, H2O2, and ful-power soaking in a shot glass until I see root emerge, for what it is worth ($.02 approx)

But the seed sprout water works via a different mechanism, and are totally compatible.



Yes we when I use fulvic acid on seeds I use it at bout half strength but that’s just me


The seeds are a 100% viable, it’s just that we are not lol. We( all landrace lovers) are still trying to figure out the best method to germinate seeds like this. Personally I think the best method is to plant directly into a seedling flat with garden soil in it. Wet/dry cycles until they pop up.
I finally did get 10 out of 25 Lolab Valley beans to come up using this method. Took 2 weeks total. As the Crow flies the location your seed comes from is less than a 100 miles away from Lolab Valley. Very similar conditions but a little drier where these are from.
I’m thinking I should probably just send you some more seed and if you don’t use them you can send them back


Personally I know one of my main problems in the past with hard to germinate seeds was that I figured I needed to absolutely soak them to get them to pop, and I inadvertently drowned them.
One way around this chance of drowning is to use Coco coir. The real stuff. Get it good and soaked and make sure there is no salt in it and use this for your wet and dry cycles. The coco goes between paper towels like normal. The Coco dries out relatively fast which means quick Wet dry cycles which means quicker germination. My friend Steve over in Cambodia has been able to get very tough to germinate Cambodian seeds to pop in this manner. I don’t know that we have access to real Coco tho…
For the Cambodian seeds the wet dry cycle happening every single day mimics exactly what happens in Cambodia for planting time. Very hot days that dry out the soil followed by rain in the afternoon.
@G-paS One other trick you can do with this next batch Is to place the seeds in a slice of fresh aloe for 24 hours after you wash them with peroxide. The aloe contains growth hormones and gibberellic acid as well as working to soften the shell.


Have you ever tried cracking them? Or what do you think about it? Is it a good thing? Idk I have one but I haven’t used it yet lol I don’t know why but I’m kinda nervous about it lol :slight_smile: