Supafreak co-op seedrun : Closed!

Guess what came!

Anyone want some white widow? I’ll send out 5 seeds to someone on the list, :us: shipping paid from the extra people put in, :earth_americas: I’ll put $5 on shipping if you want them.

And, finally… Everything is packed up and I’m going to go ship to the growers right now. I guess the next part of the story is up to them!

Tracking numbers sent

Another update:

Seeds are out for delivery. I will repack and ship to growers asap! Last few people have been sent a link to pay for seeds.

Update; final break down!

120$/36 people. Thats $3.35 per person. Please include your screen name so I know who has paid.

After you pay I will add a :dollar: after your name on the list.

This includes the seeds. Shipping to growers and shipping to distributors. You will pay shipping later from the distributor later.


Seeds have been ordered as of 1-29-21. Local store sold out. Ordered online from 207 genetics based out of Maine. Anyone on the list midnight 1-31-21 will be included. We will take $120 and divide by # interested. That will cover shipping to the growers and back to whomever is distributor (I (sct202) will do it if no one else wants to for North America) then we each pay our own shipping for our share of seeds to our distributor

Update 2:
I recieved tracking number and it has updated, they have left Maine for Michigan! Everyone say thanks to @Swe-can for doing the eu/world grow, its much appreciated!

At midnight tonight I will screen shot, then edit this post with final price ($120/# of participants) I’ll include a PayPal link (please make sure to add your screen name as a note) and add a :dollar: to your name once you have paid. As soon as seeds arrive I shall ship to @corey and @Swe-can.


Supafreak is the product of an extensive breeding and selection product conducted recently by Shapeshifter. It was selected from 120 phenotypes of F6 generation Freakshow, and is completely stable for the following new traits: early finishing, it’s done Sept. 10-15 outdoors at most latitudes. A quicker finish indoors, 7-8wk. It has a lacier, thinner leaf structure, especially toward maturity. Impressive bud structure with astounding calyx ratio. The terpenes are unique and hard to describe, unlike anything we’ve smelled or tasted before. Blends of floral, fruit, chem, spice, and skunk. Nice fat colas can be expected, and also, like all the Freakshow lines she’s amazingly pest and mildew resistant.

Volunteer growers:

  1. corey America’s
  2. Swe_can :earth_americas:

Interested America’s

  1. sct2020:dollar:
  2. Chronickyle:dollar:
  3. dequilo:dollar:
  4. Sasquatch:dollar:
  5. tejas:dollar:
  6. Rhino_buddy:dollar: 5 white widow
  7. repins12:dollar:
  8. Eagles009:dollar:
  9. GrumpyOldBastards:dollar:
  10. misterbee:dollar:
  11. Guitarzan:dollar:
  12. MantisTobogganMD:dollar:
  13. MBVapester:dollar:
  14. BigT:dollar:
  15. Needsomebeans:dollar:
  16. Tappy:dollar:
  17. natelovestogrow:dollar:
  18. Indoornesian:dollar:
  19. Donnie:dollar:
  20. Meesh :dollar:
  21. monkeyman:dollar: :monkey_face:
  22. Shaggy450r:dollar:
  23. Jjm:dollar:
  24. Old-Ron:dollar:
  25. Herbie:dollar:
  26. TheNorthAbides:dollar:
  27. Gugumelo:dollar: - :brazil:

Interested :earth_americas::

  1. Pakore:euro:
  2. allotment:euro:
  3. Blue:euro:
  4. starl0rd1980):euro:
  5. George1961:euro:
  6. curiouscat:euro:
  7. Gaz29:euro:
  8. Redjimp:euro:
  9. Lilmanbigplan:dollar: - :australia:

I will throw 25 in assuming we can find the right person to do a seed run on them, I would be unable to do a seedrun for a little bit yet. I have to do a seed run on my blue velvet (blueberry Thai) dj short / Dutch passion and my other room is busy as well.


Yeah, I’m working on a freakshow cross project, then running the f1’s right away, and hopefully weeding through f2’s immediately after that. Thats why I’m full until next winter.


I ended up purchasing some freakshow f2s as I missed that seed run. Hoping to try them outdoor this summer


I’m tied up for money on other things right now but nice find, looks like they have 5 packs in stock


I’ll go with 25, unfortunately I cannot do the seed run diu personal reasons atm,

If still fine, count me in please.


For every 5 people I’ll buy a pack, just to make sure we cover expenses. I think we should probably have the grower in on the pack too. So let’s put up our names until Sunday (1-31-21) and hope we get enough people/ growers.

@Slym3r @MrToast @repins12 you want in on this?


Sign me in !?


Interested in doing the run?

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Have 1 run ongoing already and 2 more after this run :frowning: :blush: I would love to do them first but I guess I need to do the goji og and ghash run first


Ok, we need 1 more person in thats willing to run the first pack!

Its a 51 minute drive to go get these lol. I’ll collect funds Monday after I post pics of however many packs we get

If we don’t get a grower, I can always just split a pack and send out 4 seeds each. But thats completely dependent on what y’all think.


I rather see someone do a seed run and distribute this to everyone then getting 4 and have a small chance on getting more beans

Just wait a bit, people will se the thread and eventually one or 5 will be willing to do the run !


Its my first time organizing so I’m a little nervous.


I’ll hang out and watch your progress as I’m already up to my ass in alligators with projects and personal stuff…

Later this year I’ll run the Freakshow, Australian Bastard as well as my two webbed strains (Green and Purple phenos)…and see what comes of them


Abc is going to be getting sprouted for my next run too. It arrived too late, otherwise it’d be growing now.

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If this run happens, I’ll just send you a few of what I get. Share the love and all

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What exactly is Supa Freak??




I was literally putting the link in @Chronickyle :laughing:


Haha, I’m getting more active :stuck_out_tongue: gonna beat you to the punch soon again muhahaha :stuck_out_tongue: