(complete) Pakistani Chitral Kush Seed Run

@Forest_Organic and @Goodgrace87 unfortunately we missed the signup :cry: it’s for the fall box.

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This was a great seed run @bunny :grinning: thank you for all the effort you put into it :pray: and the beautiful beans that came out of it.


I am fully aware of that man, if you read my post I asked when the spring sign ups start.


The short version (and I don’t know the long one) is you sign up for these individually (usually as they’re happening) then sign up for the box when it’s spring


Oh and (why I stopped by) nice choice, @bunny! Saw them on a bunch of the fall box pics and had to investigate.


I read your post, and apologize if my reply wasn’t clear. There is currently no spring sign up for Pakistani Chitral Kush. This one was for the Fall box. If you would like more info on how the spring and fall boxes work, see this post I linked below :arrow_down:

“Seeds are mailed out twice a year in the Spring and the Fall, depending on when each seed run is complete”

“Seeds sent to distributors between October and March will ship in April and seeds sent between April and September will ship in October”


Your good man, and thank you for helping me understand it better.

I was just kinda frustrated at it and I thought nobody would help me figure it out - my reply’s aren’t usually that forward.


So I got a question, is their 2 Pakistan and afghan chitral? And as far as chemo is and phenotype how many expressions have been found/ is know and where does the RSC genetics hold in that range ? If that makes sense? Lol thank you @heritagefarms maybe you know or can point me in the right direction thanks bro

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Chitral is a town and river in Pakistan that’s sits around 4900ft elevation…The pck most refer to is a short stout plant that grows mostly purple to pinkish nugs but sometimes green ones show up.
There are definitely other plants in the area or used to be , Tom hills x18 is a paki line that is predominantly green and has a complete different terp profile. From what I’ve seen everything called pck is very similar in structure but I haven’t grown enough out from rsc to know what to expect from all the packs. All of the ones I’ve grown had a sweet earthy light pine smell and tasted like hash. Only difference I saw were some were a little more bushy then others with a range of colors from light purple to dark.


Thanks @bunny for these! Can’t wait to try these babies out!


@bunny I figured before it gets too late, could I get in line for a pack if you have extra packs. Really can’t explain to myself why I didn’t sign up, unless it was around the time I had moved.
I’d absolutely appreciate it if so. Also if you want to trade, I’m certainly down for that.


@Indoornesian if bunny is unable to get you some, send me a message, and I’ll send you the ones that I received


I have a some left over. Send me a message.


If you could send a pack my way too bunny, I would be most grateful :pray:


Is it cool is I add pics of my Paki Chitral Kush? I popped 3 packs via Nierika/Bodhi…. I think I have 10ish males, 20ish females… but who’s counting

It’s still early, and these pics were taken randomly over the last week or so. Overall, ughhh… I think I hate the “indica” structure — i.e strong single cola dominance, tight branching along the main stem after branching, lots of popcorn sort of buds Popping up everywhere with no intention to focus flowers close to the light :sweat_smile:
I even kinda sorta see what ppl were saying when they claimed this was a shitty yielder — but it’s wayyyyy too early to make that conclusion. These fuckers also crave a shit-ton of calcium! Every single female, at least.

Mine were flipped Oct 30 (18 days ago). Hoping to bring down right at xmas, but I have no set schedule.

I’ll go back in the tent to take better pics tonight. I mainly notice 4 phenotypes:

  1. Purple leaves, purple flowers (6ish maybe?)
  2. Purple flowers, green leaves (5, I think?)
  3. All green (the rest)
  4. (Only one) Purple leaves, green flowers

No males are as purple as I’d like, but there’s flecks of purple. I’m looking to do an OP, and reveg the purple males to maybe make a second stash of seeds🤔
Kinda always wanted a ’purple paintbrush’ to have at my disposal, and this is just my first attempt of finding one.


Very nice. Following!


Looks pretty good @lambchopedd. I’m looking forward to them being in week 7 or so. Should be some colorfull views in that tent/room


Oh my, I completely missed the wiki! :sob:

So happy it turned out so well and thank you for doing this seedrun @bunny :green_heart:
A great many people will be able to grow excellent medicine. :grinning:


Day 46… just watching what the males do. Here’s four of the most photogenic

For shits & giggles, here’s a few of their fugly sisters

(did I mention before, that they’re whores for calcium?)




LOOKS FANTASTIC @lambchopedd , I just wanna “pluck” those purple foxtails and bong the shit outta them :drooling_face: