Cryptocurrency wallets for android

Was curious if anyone had recommendations on what wallet apps are actually legit and are safe/work. I’m completely new to all of it and want to use to order seeds and such as my bank is a joke and locks my account anytime I try to do anything.


I use the coinbase app

Im also using coinbase

The wallet or the app itself? Cuz I use the regular coinbase app already for payouts from faucets and games and to buy coins. But haven’t had an actual dedicated wallet or anything.

Ended up just using coinbase app like recommended thanks guys

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i don’t like coinbase because it’s US based, i prefer binance

A friend of mine has been working on a bitcoin wallet for android for a while now. He came over the other day and put the test version on my phone to help find bugs and test it out. Ill put a link on here when it is on the market place. Here is a screenshot.

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