Dealing With Tolerance And Daily Usage

english has a vast number of adjectives and adverbs enough for all nouns to be neutral. just my opinion

I was just agreeing that if you use moderately you won’t have issues with your tolerance getting too high. I believe if you partake constantly the benefits are reduced, novelty wears of and it becomes boring.

But that’s just for me, I wasn’t making a judgement call.

Maybe replacing addiction with habitual use would have been a better way to say it.


I believe we evolved with cannabis. We ate the seeds, leaves and buds as we roamed the continents. We burned it as kindling for our campfires breathing the smoke. As we evolved more we used it as tea, incense, and yes smoked it. Most ancient mounds in North America have pipes buried with all the other artifacts. Who was making sure they were using the cannabis correctly. Why did we still evolve to be capable of interstellar travel? How did it not ruin all of civilization. Ha! Ha!

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I am trying to learn to tolerate those who harbor intolerance.

I am not having a lot of luck!


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Salutations LegalCanada,

This part resonates best IMO. It’s a bit like the story of Icarus who dared fly towards the sun until he melt his wings made of feathers & wax, unable to avoid a tragic fall which i view as the outcome of some “Unresolved Obsession”. In other words the more people chase after their “perfect” toke the farther away it happens to be, as a mirage ultimately concluding with one more “Tolerance Break”, just in hope to retry again. No lesson learned, no alternate skills ever acquired; the magic becomes slavery while still being unable to find idealized relief.

So if the sun of Icarus proved too hot then why not simply choose to aim for the moon instead?..

After all, most of us never drink alcohol directly from a 40 oz bottle, so how should it make any more sense all the sudden to consume without a hint of dosing notion if it’s about cannabis! Or worse, by also giving up to self-vilification simultaneously promoted by toxic combusted wood fiber + glue (e.g. rolling paper) combined to THC-centric mari-caca seasoned with pesticides, “medical” or otherwise…

What if durable enhancement needs to come at a price: through patient personal development, equipped with wings designed as a function of long-distance night flights instead. What if there are ways to enjoy moonlight no less than sunlight before - all night long!

Furthermore, what bride or employer needs to complain about a nice habit once it’s got its former vilification aspects removed?..

Good day, have fun!! :peace:


I have been smoking constantly for a couple years, and I just don’t get the same good feelings from being high
Has anyone taken a T break?
Do you have any tips, tricks or techniques?

I do it once a year, right now i’m doing one not willingly because of a throat infection. I usually just try to keep myself busy with hobbies as much as possible.


I tend to do the same, once a year or so.
Everything from a few weeks to a few months, sometimes just to catch up on shit.
I tend to get a bit lazy when I smoke a lot, dunno if any of you guys have the same experiance :smiley:

I often plan it with a long fishing trip, hike or something, where I am alone and won’t get the chance to pick a fight with anyone.
I tend to get a bit grumpy the first few days, but as @chunk mentioned keeping busy with hobbies and long walks is very help full to me as well.

I mix with heat treated tobacco, and don’t smoke cig’s. So I guess I also get a little nicotin withdrawal as well, but it’s all over in 3-5 days and it’s clear sky’s from there.


I do the same, And I think that’s the reason why my throat got infected. But I get the same way, A little grumpy and have to actually think about my responses I give to people so I don’t come off as a dick. I try not to put my problems onto others in that sense. Usually gets better in a couple days though and like you said smooth sailing from their.


A break for a month or two definitely helps. I just got finished with one and I get lit FAST. Almost too fast now lol.

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Thanks guys. I really like the idea of putting it on The yearly schedule. My wife and I don’t drink at all during February and it helps a lot.

One of my big concerns, is that I am an asshole in recovery.I don’t want this to give me a remission


Sorry about the throat infection, that sounds awful

@head tolerance break do not smoke thr high grade pot smoke mids for 1 week that’s my tolerance break will work just don’t taste good for 1 week you can do it helps.

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I take breaks occasionally, usually when I mis-time my harvest cycles… but I think we have to remember that cannabis affects everyone differently…
Those of us with medical conditions will have a hard time taking breaks. Like @ryasco having seizures, I too have had some negative results from taking a break…my solution is usually just a small bowl in the morning and before bed along with staying busy and exercise…which to me is a huge break… i mean honestly I smoked 175+ joints in June alone…(counted my roaches)
Eating a small amount in the mornings also helps me.