Dealing With Tolerance And Daily Usage

Here is a very amusing and interesting account of a smokers management of his increasing tolerance.
It makes dabbing sound intriguing and enticing. Hmmmm, might have to give it a try!

It got me to thinking about my method for dealing with tolerance when I used to smoke much more than I do nowadays.
My solution was a wide variety of strains being always available for puffing.
A major benefit of growing.


I took a few days off because of a respiratory infection last week and the result was amazing. I fired up some of the organic Hurkle and felt waves of different effects sweeping through my body. You can really feel the different effects of different strains when your tolerance is reset like that.

When I keep hitting a few different strains in the vaporizer every day it’s still a good effect and relieves medical symptoms, but the different strains all sort of blur into the same high.


So sad to see hash relegated to two stars.

Smoking less, even if smoking just as often, seems to work to get tolerance down. I’ve got a couple friends who always roll up 1.2 of top shelf, so if you have four people smoking you’re well over an eighth in one sitting. At some point the cannabinoid receptors are overloaded and you don’t get any higher… Once in a while I have to take a break from the group and go back to smoking half bowls here and there.


I grow so i don’t have to worry about too much tolerance. Picking strains that fit me and growing enough for edibles and hash keeps me satisfied. I don’t mind smoking a lot if it is grown properly and tastes good.


To be completely honest, I get a little nervous hitting a new frosty nug almost every time. Vapes the same. Hash, not so much, except once on a little island off the Malaysian/Thailand border. IDEK how many days I was there.

Still nervous then it usually fades and the next (insert number of days) I’m pretty much back to chasing a blaster. Still haven’t found any of the “highs” I had when younger. I’d know it. Hours on end high.

I’ve some good memories. Scared little shit tryin to hang with big dogs. Got a ride out of anchorage headed to kasilof, in the back of an old red Toyota with a low campertop one late May evening around 92’-93’, while the driver and passenger casually passed a small water pipe through the back window. Said to finish it. Shortly after passing girdwood I asked him to stop. Completely cooked, I climbed the side of the road, watched the sunset into the turnagan arm, smoked a small one to myself and fell asleep. Scared little shit. Ha. I couldn’t hang, needed some self time. :joy:


Any weed you guys have will probably make me go to sleep or god only knows what…



Everyone loves a vape pen.

Nope, i certainly have no interest in that.

The best way to lower your tolerance, after all, is simple: Don’t smoke so damn much.

I’d comment saying it’s not only a matter of amplitude but also of frequency.

My last concerns for tolerance were gone after i made a final transition which is about avoiding what i call the “roller-coaster” effect. Starting from there i felt a new sense of freedom i didn’t suspect before, as if i had “de-sensitized” myself. Instead i seek micro-dosing from a “1-Hitter”, recentering my habit on aroma/taste appreciation whenever suitable/possible. Having a pair of complementary pipes and 3 jars provides variety for those days when it feels dull… Then there’s the photo-sessions i have once in a while, trying to capture significant moments of my pipe-customization hobby. And speaking of which, i got some hint recently that maybe my ritual may be so time-compressed that’s also possibly altering the usual cannabinoïd ratios, promoting THCv over THC for example, which isn’t a big concern as i’m feeling OKay with it if that’s what it is.

So IMO the consumption method + ritual are just as important as the substance now that i converted to a form of self-awareness vaporization (from accumulating visible moisture condensation), since there are multiple hints within a single session going through a bowl or two. Etc., etc.

Good day, have fun!! :peace:


Yeah, I think I get what you’re saying. Smoking less, to get higher, by titrating the dosage of “lesser” Cannabinoids like CBN and increasing the ratio of THC in your system.
It’s the same reason I’ve been cashing bowls out half-dead. There’s a finite number of receptors and the THC and terpenes should be gone by the time the buds are blackened anyway. Any compounds left over will only sully the high, like the tails of a good distillation, or an unclarified jus.


Salutations Worcestershire_Farms,

One early step was to reduce bowl size while trying to maintain a familiar repetition rate, ideally in accordance to a daily distribution habit, which eventually felt as an improvement both in terms of THC tolerance and then long-term “medicinal” benefits (hours vs days). This increasingly reflected on my ritual as i managed to adjust all sorts of variables through trial & error with some more satisfying success as i progressed. It was past that point my tool’s properties seemed to announce an unsuspected outcome: finding a lever to modulate cannabinoïd composition ratios as well.

Of course there was a time when tolerance was so excessive i could have pretended there was no THC present anymore (from a same batch…); those were days when i still appreciated the “roller-coaster” effect though i missed it more and more until my pattern of vaporist abuse reminded me of former hachish-fueled “unresolved obcessions” as a smoker, years ago. Nonetheless there’s been occurences when i went asleep on my rocking chair too and it just was as good…


The way i came to conceive it i’d say our brain’s receptors are more like analog than digital: which means we can explore different degrees of concentration before reaching saturation, the later state corresponding to a high-tolerance context. Possibly i want to keep riding my tolerance threshold within such analog range instead of loosing the rich nuanced hues to a world in black & white. Speaking in the figurative style, i mean…

Gaining additional control over dosage supported acquiring sufficient experience which eventually allowed better intoxication handling instead of that same digital-like scenario. Then i finally wondered what if this also changes the ratios “chemistry” as well, so to speak?..

The aroma/taste effect depletes 1st, but how does “Micro-Bursting” modulate the simultaneous vaporization rates of multiple compounds within very brief pulses exactly? My venture was mostly instinct, based on limitations turned into probes that could later guide me in finding new configurations in better harmony with requirements such as inhalation force, pre-heating duration, bowl size… It couldn’t be accomplished without learning suitable skills to begin with. This made me awfully wasteful at times but it was a rite of passage i needed before i could fine tune the setup further, to a point i can now benefit from more precise dosage and possibly also from an altered cannabinoïd consumption profile. Yet this is only instinct and some “educated” guessing at work, which is why i’ve invited duplication and peer reviews in the past: 1 single person can’t pretend having an omnipotent perception in everything.

There’s an accumulation of spent matter coming out of my spent bowls that i should investigate but the thing is i’m happy with my pipe already and cooking felt messy, not to mention i can no longer find Betty Crocker’s Double Chocolate ready-mix locally anyway…

It’s not too clear what i should expect compared to using a regular vaporizer, would it still feel mostly sedative? I’m not too sure but i know i’d be glad to find some good use for the resulting cookies too.

Good day, have fun!! :peace:

Come on, its booring and brainwashing to smoke much everyday :smiley: addiction is boring also imo after months. once or twice a week imo best. Very depends on way of growin + flushing


I agree completely! Moderation FTW!


I disagree! Last time i took a tolerance break (years ago) i had a seizure. I have had several injuries over the years and some were head injuries. Your are also stating someone who does smoke or use cannabis daily is an addict. (a negative statement) When i have taken breaks in the past i didn’t need medical or psychological help to do so. If i don’t have coffee daily i get migraines, never had that with cannabis. I don’t ever want to experience flopping around like a fish out of water risking more head injury again. What is safer than cannabis to use daily? Why are you lesser than someone who doesn’t use daily? Who wants to act puritan anyhow? (not attacking just curious about your statement)



the concept of “addiction” and “addicts” didn’t exist until the 1900’s, before that things were just known as habit-forming. yes, if cannabis is medicine for you there are no “breaks”…there will be a correspoding “break” in whatever medical fix you were getting which is not good!


I’ll take up these question. I am always interested in new perspective. I agree if I had seizures and cannabis stops them, I would not stop taking cannabis. Many studies done on the effects of coffee most of them do not put it in good light. Water is safer the cannabis daily use. So, from a physical stand point one is not greater nor lesser depending on daily consumption. I have never heard of anyone ever bringing that up an any meaningful way. Now I would say from a spiritual perspective or even an insightful perspective, I would say the one that does not have to use daily is more accomplished which we can draw a line to the word greater. Nobody want to act like a puritan even the puritans did not want to that is why we have laws to try and force us to act like puritans. Who want to act like pot head? lol

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I don’t understand the have to or addicted angle. Some people eat chocolate everyday or drink a soda everyday, are they addicted. Some yes but most no. If they have this habit their whole life how are they less accomplished. I feel people are assuming every time a cannabis user smokes they are obliterated. Daily users aren’t like that. Spiritually is personal and some would argue cannabis can be positive. (Rastafari)


All I know that when I am not stoned I want to be stoned, and only very rarely when I am stoned do I want to be sober.


Find a top notch sativa with no ceiling…

ah I see ya I did not really say much about addiction. ya I agree with a lot of what you said. the classical definition of addicted requires physical withdraws. I know of a few people that get physical relieve, from autoimmune issues, from cannabis and when they run out of cannabis they describe the pain as much more intense then before they were taking cannabis. After seeing this several times in different people, not a lot of people a handful, I wonder how cannabis interacts with the cause of the pain or maybe just the sensation of the pain. The people I have talked to say its like the cannabis has only delayed the pain of course if you can continue ingesting of cannabis, can you delay the pain indefinitely? So, no this is not the classical definition of addicted but leaves me wondering what is going on chemically in the brain. Also makes me wonder why I have not gotten a degree in biochemistry.

I believe daily habits are addictions, and something I can try to explain but really just how I feel. Right so, let me be the one to ask a silly question under that frame of mind is waking up every morning an addiction? I guess so, in the frame of mind stated above waking up every morning is an addiction. I do not live a normal USA life of the 5-9 and all that comes with that, but I have in the past and when something different happened outside of my habitual routine it could really throw me off and make me feel weird. I understand using myself is not the best example but I do know myself the best, there is a lot of bias in using yourself is all I am saying. Is that feeling a feeling of withdraws probably not but I don’t know. Maybe it is time to change the meaning of withdraw to be more then just physical if you add mental, then ya it is easily a withdraw meaning you are addicted to your daily habits.

My base understanding of spiritual practices are of the self and cannabis is not of the self. So, if you can bring about whatever experience of spirituality you are trying for with just yourself I would consider that more accomplished then someone that has to go out side of them self to reach for the same.

sorry for all the grammatical errors hopefully it is still readable.

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[quote=“whadop, post:18, topic:5633”]
I believe daily habits are addiction

Habits are different than addictions.

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i believe the definition of addiction is compulsively continuing to do something detrimental destructive or harmful despite wanting to stop.

given that definition the only way cannabis could be an addiction is if it were ruining your marriage or career or something but i’d say you just have the wrong job or wife