DIY Sunrise/sunset controller

So I picked this up out of a bargain bin store for $2.50. I have this and a raspberry pi and I was thinking I could make. Sunrise/sunset controller out of it.
Trying to come up with a plan. Anybody have any ideas?


So I have been reading more about this thing and it has 3 channels at up to 4 amps each @24v so 288w max. I will be using an HLG 240-24a as the input power on the LED controller so it’s 240-250ish watts max. Using 6 SolStrips and solstrip-alikes in banks of 2. (2x2700k) (2-3500k)(2x5000k). I should be able to use the rj45 connector on the unit and connect to a raspberry pi for programming using a DMX interface.

That is a whole other mountain to climb. In theory it would allow me to control 3 banks of LEDs and vary the intensity dynamically and create whatever spectrum mix I want to instantly.

Like a diy bluefish or chilled tech controller. Hmmm…

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Some source code for you:

Several others on github as well.


Thanks for the title change @LemonadeJoe. Now that I know I can technically do what I think I can with it we shall see how this progresses.

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Looks like OLA is the way to go

Down the rabbit hole I go!!


Another piece of the puzzle. A USB to RS485 connector to use the raspberry pi to talk to the led controller using cat5 cable.


Are you still working on this? I’d be interested in an update. :sunglasses:

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